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Many are misdiagnosed before being diagnosed with ADD. ADD is also used for many things that simply are not ADD. Make sure you and your doctor or neurologist agree that you or whoever has ADD. Once you study ADD, you will recognize the signs over and over in others. Our lives are so busy today, we are all encouraged to go every minute, fill every second - we almost have to be ADD to keep up. I sometimes call my ADD "excellent at multi-tasking". It is difficult to know when you have crossed the fine line from normal busy to ADD, except with ADD you seldom get things done, you cannot concentrate on any project very long without getting bored.

Yup, first diagnosed as lazy all that. I was then diagnosed with depression, which was accurate, but it largely stemmed from not being able to cope with my ADD symptoms. I think a few things made diagnosis harder for me: 1)I've always done very well in school, but it's because I have an excellent memory, not because I could ever study for more than 30 minutes at a time and 2) I'm a girl and don't have hyperactivity, which makes it much less noticeable in most situations.

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Q: Have others been diagnosed wrongly before being diagnosed with ADD?
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