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No, none have been captured alive, but there are photographs of live giant squid.


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A giant squid has never been spotted alive, but they have been found dead.

20 meters long and 197 meters wide, its just extremely pleasant to know the exact data of a giant squid one of the most well seen land dwelling animals. Scientists have discovered that the giant squid used to fly. They have found there fossils on clouds in the sky. They used to prey on on unicorns and dragons used to be their only predator. They are in the water now because the last ever flying giant squid got shot by a lazer canon and fell into the water. They have remained there ever since.

The heaviest animal is the blue whale. Giant squid isn't even Close.

One time they captured a giant hog and a giant squid :|

No, no one has ever 'caught' a giant squid. People, many people actually have caught VIDEOS and PICTURES of the giant squid, multiple times. While the videos and pictures were caught in the natural habitat no one has sucessfully caught one :) Hope this helps!

Giant Squids eat and live miles under the ocean, under immense pressure. The only animal that ca get down there and can eat the giant squid is the sperm whale. The only reason we know it exist is because we hav found dead ones on the beach.

the largest one ever found was about 60 ft in length, but the typical length is in the 35-45 ft range.

I think it is the Giant squid. The largest giant squid ever measured was 59 feet long, and they also have the largest eyes, about the size of a human head.

A giant squid has the biggest eyes. They're about the size of a volleyball.

i wont know because no one ever discuss this kind of questions!!!!!!!!

Yes! It has! It was captured on video in a small boats video camera in Antarctica!

It Depends if they are looking for food or just looking for other squids. It depends.

Architeuthis, or the giant squid, is capable of severely hurting or killing a human, although there have been no verified accounts of Architeuthis ever doing so. Architeuthis usually eats deep-sea fish and other squid.

It is a giant axon (nerve cell) of the Giant Squid and is often used for research on nerves as its large size makes it easy to handle

43 feet, here is a link to the webite:

Well, I've never heard of a Giant Squid eating a human but I do know they killed a few. Its likely there are numerous deaths and attacks on fishermen and divers but most go unreported. Technically a Giant Squid has the capability to klil and devour a human. It is even rumored they could and have killed sperm wells but such cases have never been reported. Odds are we will never know if they can kill some of the largest animals in the see since whales sink when they die and rarely wash up on shores.

Scientists have found no fossil evidence that snakes ever lived in Ireland.

11 ft 9 in nicknamed Giant of Castelnau

To date there have only ever been 2 types of squid identified. The giant squid and the slightly bigger giant squid. Giant squids are around 10ft long with whip like venomous tentacle arms covered in tiny lacerated hooks. They have been known to kill over 1500 fishermen a year, often through bleeding out from brutally violent wounds. The slightly bigger giant squid is much the same, but around 20-30% larger than the giant squid and with a large ivory horn protruding out the centre of it's squishy forehead. The horn is around 5-6ft long and thought to be used in sophisticated 'horn dueling' similar to the human sport of fencing. The purpose of these duels is to fight for mates, to entertain crowds of other squid and for straight up murdering another squid that made some bad choices. Who knows how many more species lie in wait for us to discover though! Perhaps 2, maybe even 3 more species but almost definitely not more than that because that's just crazy.

what species does a squid belong too?what species does a squid belong too?who ever answered this question before is acting like a butthead

Yes because amazingly scientists found out birds were dinosaurs.

i think when they get old..

I'm not sure whether the squid I had in The Gambia (Western Coast of Africa) was a giant squid or not, but the peices I had would indicate the squid was huge. The one individual suction cup was about the diameter of a U.S. quarter (coin). The thickness of a one inch square peice of the main body was 3/8" thick. The resort I stayed at right on the Atlantic ocean consistently offered every night this variety of squid at its poolside buffet. As for the taste? It was very similar to the best squid I've ever had before. It was mild and sweet, not rubbery. The texture was smooth and when you bit into it, it had a crispness about it, like eating into an apple. This was the same whether BBQ'd or sauteed. At first I was reluctant to try it because it was bigger than any squid or octupus meat I've ever had and I was concerned about it having an overwhelming taste or tasting fishy. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally had some. R.Brant, Canada

they are bearspandas are a special kind of animal that is very rare and wont ever be a bear

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