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Have the Florida panthers ever won the Stanley cup?

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no. they made to the final in 1997 against Colorado but lost the series 4-0.

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The Florida Panthers have not yet won the Stanley Cup.

Zero. The Florida Panthers have never won the Stanley Cup, but they did get to the Stanley Cup Final in 1996.

The Florida Panthers have never won a Stanley Cup. They did go the Stanley Cup Finals in 1996, but got swept by the Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche took the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals series in 4 straight games against the Florida Panthers

The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in Game 4 of the Cup Finals by defeating the Florida Panthers 1-0 in triple overtime.

Colorado Avalanche beat the Florida Panthers 4 games to 0

1996, against the Florida Panthers. They would win again 5 years later in 2001.

1996: Defeated Florida Panthers in 4 games 2001: Defeated New Jersey Devils in 7 games

No.noNo, Nashville has never won the Stanley Cup.

Yes, the Vancouver Millionaires won the Stanley Cup in 1915.

No Valmore James never won a Stanley Cup!

Yes. They won their first Stanley Cup in 2004.

in 2012 the kings won their first stanley cup in team history

No, the Columbus Blue Jackets have never won the Stanley Cup.

No but they did make it to the Stanley Cup finals in 1998 and lost to the Detroit Red Wings.they got to the Stanley cup finals but then lost so no

3 Stanley Cup Finals appearances: St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks 2 Stanley Cup Finals appearances: Buffalo Sabres 1 Stanley Cup Finals appearance: Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators, Washington Capitals No Stanley Cup Finals appearances: Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, Phoenix Coyotes, San Jose Sharks, Winnipeg Jets (formerly Atlanta Thrashers)

The Canucks will win the Stanley Cup and this year yes this year season 10,11

Yes, Chris Pronger won the 2007 Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks.

Neither the Minnesota North Stars nor the Minnesota Wild ever won the Stanley Cup. However, after the Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas in 1993 and became the Stars, they won the Stanley Cup in 1999.

They never won it. They played the Colorado Avalanche in 1996 and lost

The Montreal Cainadens

As of August, 2014 there are 12 current NHL teams have never won the Stanley Cup. Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild, Winnipeg Jets, Nashville Predators, San Jose Sharks and Phoenix Coyotes have never made it to the Stanley Cup Final. St. Louis Blues, Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, Washington Capitals and Vancouver Canucks have made it to the Final, but never won.

There are a total of twelve teams that haven't won a Stanley Cup. They are Buffalo Sabers / Columbus Blue Jackets / Florida Panthers / Minnesota Wild / Nashville Predators / Phoenix Coyotes / San Jose Sharks / St. Louis Blues / Vancouver Canucks / Washington Capitals / Ottawa Senators / Winnipeg Jets

No, the Atlanta Thrashers have never won the Stanley Cup while they were in Atlanta. They were moved to Winnipeg in 2011 and renamed the Jets. The Jets have not yet won the Stanley Cup either.

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