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Lots of people have Moshi Monsters Time Cards which they use for a paid Moshi Membership on Moshi Monsters.

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a code in the moshi monster card packets i collect them and i got it

Well You Can Get It From Morrisons Or Tesco I got mine's from morrisons

You enter it where you enter codes while logging in.

Moshi monsters started when they got to BETA and that was in october 2007

Yes there are people who have got dustbin beaver on moshi monsters but you need to be a moshi magazine

it was only sold on April Fools day on moshi monsters

You have to become a Moshi Member, then you got the Passport. :) I'm Roxxu on Moshi.

yes i have got an account on it.

go to silly on moshi monsters she will tell u how she got so high in her levels

There is no limit to the level you can reach in Moshi Monsters. Some people are level 50 and above.

Hi I know somebody on moshi monsters that has all moshlings !! Missymac2099 had lotz to !! Add her !!

There is a link at the bottom of the Moshi Monsters game pages that says "ENTER SECRET CODE!" Click on that link and it takes you to a page where you can enter codes. There is a link at the top of the Secret Code page which says "Got A Membership Card?". Click on that link to enter membership codes.

No i dont think so i got her on a super moshi mission.

I'm sure that it will be in your storage box because that is where i got it

The only one I know is the ice cream game. My moshi monsters name is: chloehollyrules chloehollyrules22 chloehollyrules33 chloehollyrules44 chloehollyrules55 chloehollyrules66 so I've got 6 moshi monsters.

annabell-eden she is awesome

you have to get the moshi mash up cards and in each pack there are 1 map and on the back it has got a code

Moshi Monsters does not number their eggs. Instead, they have released eggs in different ways. For the first eggs that were released, you got the same moshling for a specific amount of time. Moshi Monsters also released eggs for Twistmas 2012, with a different moshling available each day.

A Moshi Monster topic could be about anything related to Moshi Monsters. A topic could talk about how to attract Moshlings or how to complete a Super Moshi Mission. A topic could be about how Moshi Monsters got it start or who came up with the idea for Moshi Monsters. Another topic could be the difference between a Free Basic Member and a Paid Moshi Member. A topic could be about the different kinds of monsters there are to choose from.

If you are having problems logging in to your account then you will need to contact the Moshi Monsters Customer Service team. Their email is

hi. moshi monsters is not loading because its confused as in, you've click the buttons to much. add me I've got two moshimonsters: chloehollyrules chloehollyrules22

Only moshi members can send gifts on moshi monsters 1st go to your gift list only if your a member if someone sent you a gift press send a gift back got it

Kmart is the best shop for Mosh Monsters it has toys fingers of Moslings and all monsters i got tunes of them

I got the code from a moshi mag and the code can be used once and once only!

you got to the candy caves then go right to the back of the caves and you will find the game

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