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Have your baby in German?


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  • ein Kind bekommen
  • Mutter werden


Have your baby = Dein Kind haben, as in:

I want to have your baby = Ich will Dein Kind haben


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German babys are the cutest and the cutest German baby name is katlinn or viktoria in German it is spelled with a ''k''

my baby you = mein Baby du

You question is confusing, noit really clear what you mean. A baby is a baby, no matter if the father is a German or not, and the mother is a German or not. He is the father, and she is the mother. No matter what nationality. :)

gl√ľcklicher Valentinstag Baby is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

the same as english - Baby

Little baby translates as:BabyKleinkindSäugling

kann ich Dein Baby haben/bekommen

I miss you my baby = ich vermisse dich Baby I miss you my baby = du fehlst mir Baby

The baby talk "Boo Boo" equivalent in German is "Wehweh"

The English word "baby" is "das Baby" in German. "Kleinkind" is the correct German term for toddler. "S√§ugling" is another word used for a baby. If you're wondering what word to use for your girlfriend, you could use: Maus, M√§uschen, Hase, H√§schen, Schnuckie, S√ľ√üe, S√ľ√üer, B√§rchen, Liebling or Schatz.

Same as English spelling

This term is not usually used in German. When announcing a new born "baby girl" the phrase "es ist ein Mädchen" would be used. Baby-Mädchen

Häschenjunges KaninchenLittle children may call them Baby-Häschen or Baby-Kaninchen.

Christkind = Christ child (baby Jesus)

our German Shepard had nine and then twelve- poor baby girl- then she was fixed!!

Once a female has mated and the sperm has fertilized the egg a baby German Shepherd's cycle begins.

"Du bist mein Baby" is the expression used when said to a loved one."Du bist mein Baby" or "Du bist mein Kindlein"when said to baby or child.

A "kitten" (a baby cat) can be translated as:KätzchenKätzleinKätzli (Swiss German)Katzerl (southern Germany, Austria)

Schreib' bald wieder Baby, ich vermisse DichorSchreib' bald wieder Baby, Du fehlst mir

"Baby" (in German)"Bébé" (in French)Now you try it: dict.cc

It depends on the context, but you could say: das baby das Kleinkind Das B√ľbchen Der Bube

Here are the list of German names (including boys). You can Google search it by typing German boy name.http://www.babynameworld.com/German.asphttp://www.babyhold.com/list/German_Baby_Names/http://www.babynames.org.UK/German-baby-names.htm

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