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It might mean that he likes you.

then that means your friend likes you

She wasn't being mean to you...she was flirting. If you guys kissed, she obviously likes you.

its means the person likes tattoo's on their hand

It means she really likes you and that you probably should have kissed her

You can just ask him, he kissed you. He either likes you or he was testing if he likes you or not.. to see if there was that... spark.

it probably means that he likes you

It probably means he likes you.(:

it depends on what type of squeeze it was and if he smiled as he did it or stroked ur hand it means he likes u if NT then no

He is trying to be "Gallant" A word that means romantic and stylish together.

yes hes kissed a girl at school that he really likes

well it depense what country you are in. in Canada and usa.... ooooo some body likes you! And probaly being friendly or he does that so you can like him too

It means that it likes you very much

It means the guy likes to kiss u the way you kiss n probably say nothing while kissing...just kisssssssss...

Its I kissed a girl. Not you kissed a girl.

The person kissing the other person is probably quite sure that the person being kissed trusts them and likes them.

well in 2 words............... YOU CAN'T

It might mean some different things depending on the exact circumstances, but most likely, he likes you. depends are you pretty did your breath smell good?

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