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He says he cares for me whats the real meaning?

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That may be the real meaning - don't try to read into things more than they are. It seems you are looking for something that is probably not there.

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What does it mean when a man says i do care about you?

It means he cares! About You! How is that complicated!? It means he is interested in whats happened when your upset or mad. He wants to make sure you are alright and happy. Like a friend... He thinks of you as a friend, that's what he means when he says he cares about you... he thinks of you as a friend

What does it mean when a boy says dont tell anyone after you have kissed?

Who cares. Who cares. Who cares.

Was King Arthur a real person?

I think King Arthur was real but you never know whats real and what not.

What does she mean when she says she cares deeply for you?

When she says she deeply cares about you that means that she likes you a lot but is not ready to say "I love you" yet. : - )

How do you smile like a celebrity?

Everybody is uniuqe meaning we all smile differently either for the good or for worse there is no real way to smile like a celebrity all you can do is smile your smile and if someone says something about your smile. Then either they are just jelous or my motto ...who cares as long as you like your smile who cares!! hope that helps:]

When a woman says she cares is there a hidden meaning?

Yes it usally means tht they <3 u in other words they care about u :)

When he says he cares does that mean love?


What does it mean when he says he cares for you?

He loves you.

How do you know if a guy really cares about you like he says he does?

if he really cares for you than you shouldn't doubt him. since you doubt then he doesn't care about you. Answer If he really cares about you, his actions--courtesy, kindness, doing favors--will tell the whole story. He will also show up when he says he will and do what he says he will.

What does it mean when a girl says she really cares about you?

She likes you alot!!!!!!!!!!

What it means when a guy says he really cares about you?

it means he love you !

When he says he has no special feeling for you yet he says he cares for you?

Difficult. On the face of it that must mean that he cares for everyone equally. I think he is having difficulty expressing his feelings, and he wouldn't be the first in that position.

Why she says she love you but not fall in love with you?

She cares for you, but the same way she cares for other people. She doesn't have that special be-with-you-forever love.

What is the word used when a person says something jokingly but really is serious?

Dry. People thing that the real meaning of dry is that a joke wasn't funny but the real meaning of dry is when someone says something serious but other people don't know and think it's a joke.

How does Obama use emotive tone in his speech?

he says whats in his heart and what god says

If a girl says she still cares for you and she has a boyfriend?

then, you need to ask her to choose

Is sure the root word of pressure?

Chuck Norris says WHO CARES

What does it mean when your girlfriend says i care about you?

It means exactly what she said. She cares.

When a woman says lasted what is the meaning?

when a woamn says lasted what is the meaning

Do tk and kari like each other?

I think they do because in (episode 13) Tk says that he cares about Kari and at the end if the episode Kari says that she cares about Tk it almost sounds like they said that (i love you)

What is the difference when a guy says he cares for apposed to i love you?

When he says he cares for you, it means he thinks about you and he would take care of you. Saying "I love you" is so much more then just "I care for you". Love is pretty much undiscribible.

What is the McDonald's commercial song that says i want I need?

Who cares - get a life, dude?

What does it mean when a guy says he can't stop thinking about you?

Answer It means he cares for you or he loves you!

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he has strong feelings for you?

It means that he is falling in love with you and cares for you :)

What does it mean when someone says he care about you?

Why not take it at face value and believe he cares about you