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He walks beside you he talks to you he is near you always what does that mean?


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it means god is always with you i think.....>.< ** It means he likes you a lot.


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Adit means " walks beside him"

hes trying to get your attention or hes just walking beside you

That depends what she talks about. If she talks good things about you then that means she really likes you. If she talks bad things about you then that means she really doesn't like you.

The quote is "Your walk walks and your talk talks but your walk talks louder than your talk talks." This quote means that your actions speak louder than your words.

Not always. If it is excessive then they probably do like you.

That doesn't always mean she likes you, but she might be interested.

wild guess "she cares for you" unless she's trying to manipulate you.

If the guy is always looking at you but never talks to you, it means that he shy to ask you something or he has a secret crush on you but too shy to tell you that...

Honestly? You have A girlfriend, She has two boyfriends

haha i know those kind of guys, it might mean he likes you but he is to shy to talk to you

Nothing she probably didn't want to walk alone so she walked with you. She talked to you to avoid awkward silence&gt;

It means that if you are in love with someone you will tend to over-estimate the intelligence of their conversation.

as in 'he/she talks' - 'habla' as a noun: conversaciones, discursos

You write "I love you always" by writing ... "I love you always."I am not sure what you meant to ask with this question - if you click on the "improve" button beside the question, you can rewrite it to mean what you were really asking.

It means: next to. It can also mean: beside (as in, to sit beside someone)

well i mean it depends on how he talks about you bc if he talks about you in a good way then chances are he talks about how good looking you are and you body figure but if he talks about you in a bad way then he probably doesn't like you and you should break up with him

If there's no other path, she needs to get from A to B. If she has other options and always walks by, she probably wants your attention.

Sometimes it doesn't always mean that way. So I suppose you can confirm his like if he actually approaches you and shows it in his ways.

If by "talks" you mean who voices Danny, that would be David Kaufman.

It could mean a crush, or she just likes talking to him. In otherwards try to talk to her in the way your bestfrend talks to her, if she still talks to him more than you it may be a crush.

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