Health benefits of using an exercise bike?


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You get some nice low-impact aerobic / cardio exercise. Burns off calories and helps with your fitness.
"Some health benefits of the use of stationary bikes may include but are not limited to: Calorie burn, fat burn, a low impact cardiovascular activity, an indoor alternative to outdoor activity."

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Elliptical Exercise Equipment can help benefit you exactly as a bike does. This is with cardio, lung capacity, leg muscles and the gluteus maximus (butt).

Stationary bikes such as the Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike offer an effective way to get into good physical shape and lose weight which have many health benefits. Regular exercise will lower your chance of certain diseases like heart disease.

Using an exercise bike works your glutes and hip flexors, plus leg muscles.

Any form of exercise will improve your health dramatically but yes it has been shown exercise bikes can be one of the better pieces for improving your health.

A exercise bike is better because you can get hurt on the treadmill but not on the exercise bike.

Many people enjoy exercise, though the unfortunate truth is that many people also don’t. In fact, as we have come to see the massive effect that lack of exercise is having on the youth of today, in addition to the growing number of obese people in the world, it seems there is no better time for us to step up and think about our health and the many benefits associated with daily exercise. These days, exercise equipment can be very affordable. Some of it simply does not work, but some of it actually does. One of which is the exercise bike. These bikes can be picked up very cheaply from many retailers and they come with a variety of options. Some of them fold away for easy storage. Some of them have counters on them to monitor everything from you calories to your heart rate! Whichever type of bike you choose, you will surely receive the following benefits of having your own indoor bike. • Having a bike in your home means you do not have to spend hundreds on gym fees or travel to the gym. You can simply sit on your bike when it is convenient for you and in the privacy of your own home. • With you own bike, you can do around 20 minutes of cycling a day on varying levels of difficulty and start to see the benefits really quickly. • You general health will improve once you start doing a little cycling every day. Once you can do 20 minutes without breaking a sweat, you can increase it. • Exercise is good for your heart, blood, digestion, weight loss and so much more. The benefits of exercise are endless with regards to your general health and well being. • You will feel better mentally if you do a bit of exercise, because you will know of the good you are doing to your body and the increased oxygen to your brain and release of endorphins in your body will give you a real since of well being. In summary, an exercise bike is a piece of equipment that is readily available, affordable, good exercise and can be done in the privacy of your own home without difficulty or gym fees.

Using an exercise bike in your home is a great step forward in reaching your fitness goals. Not only is an exercise bike a very compact way to get a good workout, but cycling is also a very great exercise in itself. Cycling engages a number of muscle groups that aren't engaged during other types of cardiovascular exercise, and when you are using an exercise bike you are getting all the same benefits you would get when riding a regular bike. However, there are a number of extra benefits to having exercise equipment in your home that go beyond the simple functionality of the piece of equipment itself. For instance, many people say that one of the major hurdles for them when it comes to reaching their fitness goals is actually getting to the gym. After a long day at work, many people find themselves sitting at home and fighting with themselves to get back into their car and head off to the gym. When you have a piece of exercise equipment at home, that whole mental back and forth is completely eliminated. This is one of the major benefits of having something like an exercise bike in your home: it takes the excuses away. With this machine in your home you can workout in front of the TV, saving you time and frustration on the road. To find a great exercise bike, you need to understand the differences that exist between the bikes themselves. For example, if you are looking for a recombinant-type bike then you will get different results than you would while using a standard bike style. Also, there are electricity-free speed bikes that train you to build up your speed and comfort on an actual bike, and these are built primarily for people who are training for an actual cycle event. Owning an exercise bike is becoming very popular lately, and for good reason. When you exercise on a stationary bike, you can watch TV, read a book or magazine, surf the web, or get a number of other things done. Since many people believe they simply don't have enough hours in the day to get all their work done and squeeze in a workout, this is a perfect solution to get the exercise you need while not having to focus entirely on working out. This amazing amount of flexibility is what really drives people to get an exercise bike.

Yes the bike is a really good for your cardio vascular workout. Their are a lot of benefits as, heart health and weight loss. If you want to see this benefits you need to elevate you heart rate to an adequate pace.

Not only does an excercise bike work your leg muscles but it can also be used to strengthen your core. The abdominal muscles get a good work out on a exercise bike as well as the lower and upper leg muscles.

You can really use either a real bike or a stationary bike. You can go for a short ride on the real bike and get fresh air while you exercise. You may even look forward to it. A stationary bike is good because it is available whenever you are. You can ride even if the weather is bad. Either way is good for your health.

An exercise bike can aid anyone in loosing weight. However, it's important to maintain a varied and healthy lifestyle - you shouldn't restrict yourself to only using an exercise bike. Try other means of exercise too (perhaps take part in a sport) and eat healthily.

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Bike clothing is tight and wind resistant. This will let you ride easier and faster. It is also sweat repellant as well.

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A spinning bike, a stationary bike or an exercise bike.

It's a spinning bike, a somewhat special version of a stationary exercise bike.

it gets you exercise and it's cheaper, as you don't need to pay for gas.

Mostly the legs, but you do get a bit of an upper body workout when you're riding out of the saddle.The exercise bike when used right can be a benefit for the lower body. In particular, the glute muscles as well as the quadriceps and hamstrings typically get the most benefit of it usage. Overall, cardio health is the best benefit of a good exercise bike ride.

No, unless you are out of gas and have to push the bike it is just like riding in a car. Even though you may be using your arms to turn and your feet to accelerate, they do not amount to enough to call it exercise.

Due to the comfortable "bucket-seat" saddle, recumbent exercise bikes are good for those that do not work out often or are just starting out. Furthermore, the majority of medical practitioners and personal trainers tend to recommend recumbent bikes, no matter the fitness level of the client.

There are quite a few exercise bikes to choose from for under the cost of $500. A great exercise bike to buy for under that price would be the Schwinn 220 Recumbent exercise bike.

It depends on why you are having knee pain. If the knee pain is due to weight being placed on the knee, then using an exercise bike or a recumbent exercise bike may help ease the pain. If the pain is due to a motion caused used while walking, then using a bike will probably only exacerbate this pain. In either case, you should probably consult your doctor about the pain.

A bike trainer is actually a piece of exercise equipment. It is a piece of equipment that is like a stationary bike that one would use for general exercise or for training for bike enthusiasts.

It depends how you are going to use the bike. If you are determined to use the bike for many years to keep yourself in shape, it would be a good investment to buy your own. If you just want to lost the baby-weight and stop using the exercise bike, it's better to join a gym.

Yes there is a built in heart rate monitor on this exercise bike.

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