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Can you rephrase this question. It is not grammatical English.

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Q: Hebrew speakers difficulties in learning English question?
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What difficulties do Filipino students encounter when learning to speak English?

Filipino students can encounter many difficulties when learning to speak English, including unqualified teachers, poor learning environments, and inadequate learning materials. English as a second language can often be riddled with grammatical patterns and formation errors.

What are the major difficulties faced by the students of non-English speakers while learning English language?

Yes, i agree that a person can face a little difficulties if he/she is a non-English speaker, but that is why he/she is opting to learn English. Nothing is easy, you need to put some effort to get something. And yes once you have decided you can get what you want. And in this case you can have English Training Courses by which you can have good command over your English. I too have gone through the same but now i have some good command over it.

Do foreign speakers learning English often use dangling modifiers?

Only if their teachers do.

What has the author Russell Monroe Gersten written?

Russell Monroe Gersten has written: 'Practices for English-language learners' -- subject(s): Bilingual method, Study and teaching, Second language acquisition, English language 'Teaching English-language learners with learning difficulties' -- subject(s): Foreign speakers, Study and teaching, Education, Learning disabled, English language, Learning disabilities 'Understanding RTI in mathematics' -- subject(s): Response to intervention (Learning disabled children), Mathematics, Remedial teaching

Do any smart people have learning disabilities?

I have learning difficulties but in the top set for English, in learning support all the others arent in the top set but 1 of them is in the top for maths.

Why should the English learn French?

French is heavily influenced by Latin, but also by Germanic languages. It shares a number of roots with English. English speakers will discover interesting things about their own language when learning French - as French speakers do about French when they learn English. Learning a few hundred French words (the commonest ones if possible) should be easy for English speakers. And it should be enough to get your message trough, even if your grammar is bad.

English as a Second Language by Lucy Honig?

"English as a Second Language" is a short story by Lucy Honig. This story goes over the difficulties of learning English as a second language.

Global disadvantage of English language?

English is so widely spoken that many native speakers of English do not see the point of learning a foreign language ... That is very isolating.

What are the difficulties faced by the Indian students in learning English?

basically english is a foreign language.students don't take interest in learing english. main problem of students is pronunciation, tenses and grammer.

'difficulties in learning English language?

There are many inconsistencies in the English language which make it hard to learn. Plural animals for example are not consistent like the plurals of mouse and moose.

Is english spoken in Brazil?

Most Brazilians are native speakers of Portuguese. Increasing numbers of Brazilians are learning English as a second language, however (but still not the majority).

Give you an example of rising intonation?

In English, speakers raise intonation when asking a question.