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Henry Hudson named new york?


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Yes Henery Hudson named New York. He named it for no reason too!


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In New York City: Hudson River, Henry Hudson Parkway, Hudson St., numerous apartment buildings, restaurants, etc.

The Hudson River is named after explorer Henry Hudson.

Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River which is located in New Jersey and New York. There is also a county in New Jersey named after him.

A big discovery made by Henry Hudson was new York and also the Hudson bay which was named after himself.

Named by Henry Hudson, in honor the Duke of York. They also named the Palisades, "The Palisades".

Henry Hudson settled in New York

You are probably thinking of the Henry Hudson Bridge.

Henry Hudson sailed up new york harbor September 6,1609.

because he found a river in New York that is named the Hudson river and a bay in cananda that carries his name today.

One river that is in Yew York City is the Hudson River. The Hudson River got its name from Henry Hudson, Henry Hudson discovered this river. There is also the East River and the Harlem River in New York City.

Henry Hudson was the first European to explore the Hudson River in 1609.

up the Hudson river and New York

finding the hudson river and new york

did henry hudson sail on the ny harbor

Henry Hudson discovered what is now New York.

Henry Hudson explored the areas of present day New York City in September of 1609.

The ship that Henry Hudson sailed to New York harbor was called: Half Moon.

Henry Hudson founded New York in 1626

Accomplished: Henry Hudson is credited for discovering New York, and he discovered the Hudson River, and so it was named after him. Not Accomplished: Henry Hudson went on his voyage to find a passage through North America to Asia, but never found one.

it was very interesting. the first person who founded was this man named dutch. there also a river named the Hudson river witch is named after a man named Henry Hudson.

Henry Hudson sailed for the Dutch. He discovered the Hudson River where New York is. He also discovered Hudson Bay in Canada.

Yes, because Hudson explored new york and his crew named the river after him

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