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there was Jane Seymour who had edward, catherine of aragon? they had Mary, anne of cleaves, anne boylen who had elizabeth, catherine howard, and catherine parr. :)

In order, he married Catherine (or Catalina or Katherine) of Aragon, and they had Mary Tudor (Eventually Mary I, "Bloody Mary"). Next, he married Anne Boleyn and they had Elizabeth (eventually Elizabeth I, "The Virgin Queen"). His 3d wife was Jane Seymour, and they had Edward (eventually Edward VI, "The Boy King). 4th was Anne of Cleves, then Katherine (or Catherine) Howard, and then the wife who outlived him- Catherine Parr. None of his last 3 wives produced any living children.

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How many wives did King Henry the Vll have?


Does Henry VII have 6 wives or 8 wives?

Henry Vll only had one wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward lV Tt was his son, Henry Vlll who had six wives.

How did Henry vll become king?

Henry Vll married 6 times and his wives were Catherine of Aragon, Anna Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, and Katherine Parr. Henry Vll married 6 times and his wives were Catherine of Aragon, Anna Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, and Katherine Parr.

Did Henry vll have 7 wives?

Henry VII had one wife, Elizabeth of York. Henry VIII had six wives: Katherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves Katherine Howard Catherine Parr

How did Henry the Vll die?

he had a heart attack

Who did King Henry Vll marry?

his wife

When did Henry Vll reign over England?

The reign of King Henry Vll lasted 24 years,from Aug 22,1485 until Apr 21,1509

When was the year when Henry Vll married?

Henry VII married in 1486.

What religious did Henry vll introduce to England?


Who did the pope Gregory Vll clash?

. Emperor Henry IV

Who were King Henry Vll children?

Mary, Elizabeth and Edward

How did Gregory vll and Henry Iv disagree?

Chicago bulls<3

Who sponsored John Cabots voyage?

King Henry VLL of England

Famous people in 1950's?

king Henry vll

Who gave king Henry Vll the male heir that he wanted?

Elizabeth of York gave Henry Vll the 2 male he always wanted but if you mean Henry Vlll jane symore gave him his only son the one he always wanted Edward

Was Henry vll elizabeth 1 friend?

Henry VII was Elizabeth I's grandfather but they've never met!

Who founded The Tudor?

Henry Tudor (Henry Vll) was the first Tudor king. He defeated Richard lll in the Battle of Bosworth Field

Why did John Cabot become an explorer?

because King Henry Vll sent him on his voyage in 1497

Why didn't Henry vll heir become king?

Henry vii heir was Arthur Tudor who died soon after his marriage to Princess Catherine.

What type of relationship did Catherine Parr Have with Henry vll and his kids?

Catherine Parr had no relationship with Henry VII and she only had a relationship with one of Henry VII's children, Henry VIII who was her third husband.

Who was the battle of bosworth between?

Henry Vll representing Lancaster house and Richard lll representing the hHouse of York.

Why couldn't Anne Boleyn marry Henry the Vll?

Are you sure it is VII or VIII? anyway, Anne Boleyn couldn't marry Henry VII because he was already married and was catholic.

Vll in Roman Numerals?

Seven, V=5 and I=1

Why did Henry VII finance Cabot's second expedition?

John Cabot returned to England, thinking he had found the northeast coast of Asia. Henry Vll was impressed and financed a second expedition.

How many children did Henry Vll have and who were there mothers?

Henry Vll had 4 children one illigitement son Henry fitzroy one son called edward he had with Jane seymore and 2 girls 1 called Mary who he had with catherine of aragon and elizabeth who he had with anne Boleyn The above answer is totally wrong, they are thinking of Henry VIII. Henry VII was Henry VIII's Father. Married to Elizabeth of York, they had four children, Arthur Prince of Wales, Margaret Tudor, Henry and Mary Tudor. Arthur was next in line to the throne, but he died in 1502, leaving Henry to become the next King.

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