Here is a riddle what is that a rich man needs a begger has and that the dead eat?

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Riddle Where was the man when he jumped off the bridge?

The man was between "the" and "when". *Or* "Where was the man when he jumped off the bridge?" The answer would be difficult because of the way we see this form of the verb "to be." To answer that he was in the air would be wrong because that was after he jumped. To answer that he was on the br ( Full Answer )

How do you solve the riddle in the isle of the dead?

Temple of the Ocean King . With the grappling hook and Bombchus, you should strongly consider going back through the floors from the beginning, seeing as you can use both to reach shortcut doors that can save you a lot of minutes by the time you reach the B6 checkpoint. Use the slingshot techniq ( Full Answer )

What is something a rich man needs a poor man has and if you eat you will die?

The answer's nothing. Rich men need nothing, poor men have nothing, and if you eat nothing you will die. This is a brain teaser and in its full form, it states "What is more powerful than God, a rich man needs it, a poor man has it, and if you eat it you will die?" A rich man needs nothing a poor m ( Full Answer )

Rich man poor man on DVD?

Rich Man Poor Man is a miniseries that appeared on television in1976. The miniseries is available on DVD and can be purchasedthrough Amazon as a collectors set.

How do you do the dead man dead man trick?

You need two people. one has to do the trick to the other. firstly,get the person to close there eyes and relax (no giggles, coughs,and his/hers eyes needs to be closed the whole time). ok, then yousay to the person "count to ten in your head and nod. when therefinished nodding move there arms above ( Full Answer )

Very hard Riddle Help needed?

\nHere is the Riddle \nEinstein claimed that 98% of the worlds population couldn't solve it.\nIn a street there are five houses, painted five different colors.\nIn each house lives a person of different nationality.\nThese five homeowners each drink a different kind of beverage, smoke different bran ( Full Answer )

What is the dead man dead man chant?

I think it is an old English folklore chant used to ward off evil spirits or demons, it goes something like this; "Here, here, here, dead man dead,(I have also heard it with red) let me pass as fast as said" then you would repeat it because it only works for a very short time, hence fast as said. Al ( Full Answer )

Why is man here?

that is the very question that has been ponder ever since someone thought of it, witch was like in the 100,000 BC or earlier area,. though some say its that all humans take are roll in a universal battle or play or something that our destanie is yet to come and cannot be figured out until it happen ( Full Answer )

Rich man keeps you in his pocket poor man throws you away and kids eat you?

Answer 1: The answer should be "Nothing" or "Snot" (a rich man has a handkerchief). Answer 2: It is indeed tupeal if you want the Tamil word. Rich man uses handkerchief in blowing tupeal. Then keep it in their pocket. Poor man blows using their bare hands then throwing it anywhere. K ( Full Answer )

Can you be a rich man?

Sure. You just have to find a way to make money and to hold on to it.

Riddle answer to the riddle a man walks in it a bank?

cosmetic energy and the mysterys of dark energy from the depth of the nebulas outside the solar systems would comebine and react to create a new substance called Genemu. Genemu is requied to create a new super-human vial of medicine so powerful, it can make a human survive super-epic freezing temper ( Full Answer )

What do you need for dieters riddles?

you need one of each of the following: Feather Blueberry Blackberry Apple Orange Grasshopper Mushroom Coconut Candy Cane Dandelion Thimbleberry From Horsejmpr on bay and pally

Why is man suffering here on Earth?

Hey! That sucks man! :( We are being tested by our creator. We must continue to seek knowledge until we understand our purpose & only then will that question be answered.

How do you get a rich man?

A rich man looks for a woman with class and etiquette. One who knows how to work the house but still be an decoration on his arm. You must always be ready go out and be able to represent your wealthy man in a positive way.

Is there a man here?

Yes, I'm afraid that there is a man here, everywhere for that matter. You need help, or the man will get you :D

What does it mean when you keep having a dream that your dead mom is dating a rich man?

This dream might have a number of different interpretations depending on the emotional tone of the dream (joyful or troubled) and the proximity of the mother's death. It is possible that the dream represents the dreamer's grief, and hope that the mother is moving on toward a "richer" spiritual life. ( Full Answer )