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Haha! That sucks I'm 15 and mine is almost 9 inches long when erect!

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โˆ™ 2009-07-10 00:43:36
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Q: Hi im 15 your penis is only 3 inches long when soft What can you do to enlarge your penis?
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What if your penis is 7.5 inches long and your only 14 years old?

your just lucky

How long is the penis of lee min ho?

4 inches only

How large penis needed to have a child?

To have intercourse it only needs to be a couple of inches long. Long enough to enter the vagina.

Your penis is only 7 inches long - how can you make it grow longer?

You should take up exercises that makes your penis grow bigger but if you do them wrong you can really damage your penis.

How long does penis have be to be considered small?

It is considered small at 3 1/2 inches You only need a 4 inch penis for pleasureing a girl

Is a 3 and a half inch penis normal for a 13-year-old when soft?

The average adult soft penis is only 3 inches long, so you're above average. But the more important question is how long is your erect penis? The average adult is 5.4 inches.

I am 16 yrs old and my penis is 6.3 inches long is this average or above or below?

Well the average penis is about 6 inches long, and you're only 16 and the penis stops growing at about 21, so I say you still have a while to grow and you're about average right now for a full grown penis.

I am trying to figure out how to actually enlarge my penis without surgery. What type of doctor can enlarge your penis?

sorry, surgery is the only way to permanantly enlarge your penis, the pills you see on tv just give you a solid steady boner Ike 1/8th of an inch bigger. As for doctor type, i do not know but most likely some specalized surgeon.

You are 22 years old and your penis is 7 inches long and 2.5 inches thick will it get thicker?

it will probably not grow anymore, unless you are one of those that has long or delayed puberty. during puberty is really the only time that your penis grows noticably

IS a 6 inch long and 6 inches in girth a big penis?

The the length is about average, but the girth is a little big. Mine is 9 inches long but only 5 inches in girth, and those are both big.

Is ther a safe way to enlarge your penis without using steroids?

Steroids will only make it smaller. No, there is no way, safe or otherwise, to enlarge a penis. If there were, we would all have 10 inch ones. Everyone is different and we get what we get. All men are not created equal.

You are 13 yet your penis is only 4 inches long is this normal?

Yes, it is still going to grow more as you get older.

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