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What is an African ivory horn?

I'm doing a project on this thing please answer

What is Iraq's motto?

Someone has to answer it I'm doing a language arts project on Iraq. Please And Thank You :)

What did Jim bowie wear at the Alamo?

Please does anyone know what they wore im doing a project

Who is the publisher of

im doing a project and i need to know who is the publisher of please help find out who.

How would you compare cell analogy to Disney World?

i am doing the smae project and i need help please

How many people did the swimming race in 2008?

umm please help im doing it for a school project please help me and if there is eny other things you no about the Olympics please can you tell me !!

Where did white bread originate from?

Hii i need this answer for a project i am doing @ the mo so can you please give me some answers !!!

Were do seals get their names?

i dont know the answer but i need to know because i am doing a project on seals please someone out there has to know

Are morning glory flowers fragrant?

yes they aren't listen to me if you are doing a project or homework! please don't listen to me!

What is the name of the most difficult mountain to climb in the world you are doing a project on mountains and your project is due next Monday so please send it quickly?

erm that is not the question i was asking

Ac induction motor working principle?

sir iam doing project in speed contol of induction motor using spce vector modulation please give me suggession sir iam doing project in speed contol of induction motor using spce vector modulation please give me suggession

Which new language can you select for your bsc it project?

See if you are doing a bsc it project please select the latest technology as it can help you in scoring good marks. so go for php,ruby on rails, for your bsc it project.

Which plant is best for a science project?

Depends On What Science Project Your Doing. Just Comment On It And Tell Me What Project Your Doing So I Can Answer.

What is the purpose be if your doing a science project for green slime?

if u are doing a project on frogs

Where Jungle cat live?

My guess is that they live in deserts, jungles and grasslandsi am doing a project and need to know please help me figure it out

Is there a difference in memory between a girl and boy?

i dont know. look it up in the online encyclopedias i am doing a science project on it.

How do you pronounce Chaldeans?

Chaldeans is pronounced Kal-Dee-Ans (Im doing a S.S. project on them and found the pronounciation online:)

Examples of lease software?

Oracle is one I found when doing research.

Can you win a hockey game?

I'm doing a project and i was wondering witch one should i do public affair or please don't stop the music

What were the contemporary reactions to Dr. Jekyll and mr hyde?

please help answer this question!!!! Many people doing the same project need the answer!!!

When did France first take part in the Olympics?

I couldn't find the answer anywhere so please someone give me the answer I'm doing a project and I need the answer.

What is a major event in the history of Uruguay?

I have no idea I need help because im doing a project and due tomorrow please help me answer this questions

If your doing a research project is Austria a geographic political or economic region please explain what one it is?

Austria is a country, so it is a political region.

Is bartender a job?

i just wanted to know if a bartender is a job ,because im doing a project on abc jobs. could you please help me out , i really need help on this one .PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Does Moldova have an abundance of natural resources?

I'm not sure! I'm the one person who is ASKING THE QUESTION! Please answer it if you know because I'm doing this for a project on Moldova and I need this answer for The Economy Section. Please?