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Highest paid jobs?

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What are the highest paid physician and surgeon jobs?

The highest paid jobs are cardiologists and neurosurgeons == ==

Where are the highest paid teaching jobs in the us?

The highest paid teaching jobs are Full University Professors, generally in science fields

What are the highest paid jobs in communication?

The highest paid jobs in communication are the CEOs of communication companies. These individuals make millions and then receive millions in bonuses.

Highest paid jobs in the Philippines?

the president of the Philippines.. ^_^

What are the 10 highest paid jobs in Australia?


Highest paying jobs in the medical field?

The highest paid job currently in the medical field is Radiology. Other high paid jobs are Thoracic Surgeons and Brain Surgeons.

What are the highest paid jobs in import export?

Export Sales

What are the highest paid?

The highest paid jobs tend to be in the technical, entertainment and medical fields. Attorneys, doctors and actors are very highly paid. Engineers are also generally highly paid and sought after.

What are the highest paid jobs in Canada?

Java/J2EE senior Architect

What are the highest paid computer jobs?

web designer says charlotte

What are the top 10 highest paying jobs in Canada?

Government jobs are the highest paying jobs at the moment. They are also the safest jobs. You get paid high salary from the hard earned taxes of people with advanced degrees paid at (close to) minimum wages. That's how it works in Canada.

ARE Aeronautical engineers are highest paid engineers in the world?

are aeronautical engineers highly paid?which all jobs are highly paid ones?

What are the highest paying plumbing jobs?

Plumbing is one of the highest paid positions in the construction industry. If you are a plumber for a residential construction agency, you will be paid quite well.

20 of the highest paid jobs in the world?

its probably in the field of medicine and engineering

What are the three highest paid jobs?

Most Likely a Doctor, Lawyer, and Vet.

What are some of the highest paid virtual assistant jobs?

The highest paid virtual assistant job is for accounting, they can make around 50,000 a year. The next highest paid are real estate, executive support, editing, and medical transcriptionist.

What are the highest paid mechanics jobs in the US?

The highest paid mechanic jobs in the united states would probably be for like nasa, as a rocket ship repair person. Then second followed by a mechanic for passenger jet planes.

What are the highest paid jobs in education?

Within the school systems, generally the administrators are the highest paid. Otherwise, professors can make a lot of money depending on the school and the subject.

What jobs get paid the highest?

CEOs of large corporations tend to receive disproportionate compensation for the jobs they do. Salaries can run into the millions.

What are some of the highest paying nonathletic sports jobs?

Some of the higher-paid non-athletic sports jobs are TV Broadcasters, sports doctors, trainers and coaches. How much these jobs pay depend on the sport, the team, the location and level of the sport with professional sports having some of the highest paid jobs.

What is the highest paid dishwasher jobs in the world?

The people who created famous dishwasher companies.

What are the highest paid jobs in Namibia?

being a laiti for baggio aka baggy-zana

What are the highest paid jobs in IT?

By far one of the highest paid IT jobs is an Medical Informaticist (Oracle Specialist with a Medical Degree) starting in the $300,000's, but for a great review check the IT Skills & Salary report from Global Knowledge for free:

What are the highest paid nursing jobs?

High paid nursesNurse Anesthetists are said to be the highest paid nurses. I believe they make 140,000, median.Nurse Practitioners make quite a bit as well.The can do alot of the same stuff that a doctor can do. -----------------------You can find awesome Nursing jobs on this website:

Which are the highest paying jobs in the field of photography?

Fashion photography for magazines is one of the highest paying jobs in the field of photograph. Photography for TV and newspaper advertising is also highly paid.

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