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Highest paid sports star?


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If you are including sponsors too it would be Tiger Woods and David Beckham. But just salary from the sport he/she plays it would be David Beckham who receives around $1million a week.


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David Beckham or ronaldo probably

David Beckham then C. Ronaldo, then Lionel Messi.

This is for 2006, but it may help:

Angelina Jolie. She was named the highest paid film star of 2008.

The actor Will Smith is the youngest and highest paid black star.

In movies Taylor Lautner from twilight is the highest paid teen. In tv series the highest paid teen is Angus T. Jones from two and a half men.

Jhon Hudson at 550,000 a day.

Reportedly, the highest paid film star is Robert Downey, Jr. Between June 2012 and June 2013, he maid 75 million dollars from films.

Oprah - $225 million a year!

She is the highest paid pop star at 80 million.

April 25 2006 Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho displaced David Beckham as the globe's highest-paid footballer

Usain Bolt he has over 6million dollars now.

He is the former Manchester star Christiano Ronaldo.

i believe Michael schumacher or tiger woods...

It has been reported that Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) is currently the highest paid soap star and makes over SEVEN MILLION dollars a year.

Kenny chesney. he made over 93m last year.

Gonna take a guess but at a worth estismated at 200 million probably Bono

Selena Gomez, she makes 25.000$ per episode of wizards of waverly place.

STAR Sports was created in 1993.

She is currently the 10th highest paid reality tv star bringing in 2 million this year!

Charlie Sheen makes $800,000 for each episode of Two and a Half Men.

Angus T. Jones(Two and a Half Men) is the highest paid child star.. Daniel Radcliffe(plays Harry Potter in the Harry Potter Movies) is the richest Child Star..

Jermaine o'neal of the Indiana Pacers has a contract of 110 million for 5 years. Kevin Garnett is paid 28 million a year. Allen Iverson gets 12.5 million a year. Small beer. Ferrari's Michael Schumacher trucks $60 million a year to the bank.

star sports andESPN and star sports 2

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