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In Hinduism, each day of the week is associated or dedicated to a particular god. Hence, Hindus worship on all the seven days of the week. However, Monday, Friday and Saturday are the days in which most of the Hindus go to temple for special Puja or worship.
  • Monday - auspicious for worshiping Lord Shiva - one of the main gods for Hindus.
  • Friday - auspicious for worshiping Goddess Lakshmi (consort of Lord Vishnu) - associated with wealth ;)
  • Saturday - auspicious for worshiping Hanuman and Shani - Shani is feared by Hindus and it is also believed that that 'effects' of Shani is reduced by worshiping Lord Hanuman!
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When do Hindus worship?

Hindus worship at all times of the day. By being a Hindu everything that is done is a form of worship.

How do Hindus worship?

They worship by going to a temple or worship in there home or in a outdoor shrine.They pray bythere shrine or in there temple. They pray to one particular god such as Ganesha

Where do Hindus worship?

Hindu's worship both at home and at temples which are called mandhris, each temple is dedicated to a god but people who worship to different gods still pray at that temple. in

Do Hindus have a certain day they worship?

\n. \n. \nWell, Hindus are allowed to worship any day of the year. However, there are a few variations, for example:\n. \n* Some days of the year are more auspicious than o

What time and day do Hindus worship?

Hindus can worship any time of the day. However, generally people prefer to pray at dawn and dusk. Hindus also like to pray at the ganges river.

What Hindus worship?

Hindus believe in the existence of one God. But they also worship the innumerable manifestations of that God. Hence, they worship, the creator, the sun God, the rain God, the

When do Hindu worship?

Generally Hindus worship in the mornings and evenings when there are Prayers, Kirtans and Sandhays performed but otherwise they can worship any hour of the day in their homes

How many times a day do Hindus worship?

The ritual should be performed three times a day, although there is no particular rule as to what time, or how many times you can pray.

What does Hindu worship?

Hindus worshp their Gods and Goddesses. there are millions of Gods and Goddesses to choose from, and each person or family chooses their own personal one to worship. ok? xx

Where and how do the Hindus worship?

Hindus mainly worship in a place called Mandir (temple). They may also worship at home, near river banks, Ashrams and any other place that is clean and fit to worship Go
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What day of the week the Hindu worship?

hindus do worship everyday...there is nothing like any specific day. well everyday has it's importance. and devoted to different demigods. Like Tuesday for HANUMANJI=anjenyasw
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Where do Hindus worship and who?

It has been said that Hinduism is a religion of 330 million Hinduism gods. Sri Ramakrishna, a prominent Hindu saint once wrote, "There can be as many Hindu Gods as there are d
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What are hindus days of worship?

All days are holy for some or other God and Goddess. it is your wish which day you want to choose as per the idol you pray to. Monday - Lord Shiva / moon God Tuesday - Lord
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When did Hindu worship?

Worship or going to temple is not essential. It depends on the particular person. Most hindus will pray at home in the morning after taking bath and before breakfast. Many wou
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What is the day of worship for the Hindu?

In Hinduism, each day of the week is associated or dedicated to a particular god. Hence, Hindus worship on all the seven days of the week. However, Monday, Friday and Saturday