History of canis major

Updated: 9/15/2023
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  1. The best place to see Canis Major would be in the square corner of the limit's of china.
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Q: History of canis major
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Is canis major the same star as canis majoris?

Canis Major is a constilation. Cy canis majoris is a star.

What is the eye of canis major?

The eye of Canis Major is Sirius

What is the origin of the constellation name canis major?

Canis major is one Orion's hunting dogs Canis major contains the star Sirius in it which is the brightest star in the sky Canis major comes along with Canis minor

How was canis major found?

People in Colombia found Canis Major

Why was canis major named canis major?

because of the dog it was named after.

What color is canis major?

Canis major is a constellation not a single star

Who named canis major the great dog?

Canis major was named by the africans.

What is canis major's brigtest star?

The brightest star in the canis major is, Sirius

What constellation is VY Canis Majoris in?

Canis Major

When was the Canis major discovered?

The canis major was discovered in 2003 by a international team of astronomers.

Is there a black hole at the center of canis major?

Canis Major is a constellation, therefore there is no centre.

Is Sirius in Canis Major or Big dog?

Yes Sirius is in Canis Major or Big Dog!! :-)