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Q: Hoe many holes does the french horn have?
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What is a hoe in French?

a hoe (gardening tool) is 'une houe' in French.

How deep do snake holes go?

hoe deep are snakes holes in the ground?

Hoe in French?

a hoe is "une binette" in French. A sturdy and heavy hoe could also be called 'une houe' (same pronouciation as the English word)

Harvest moon ds get black grass?

You take your hoe into the mine, go in one of the holes, and hoe, and you will receive it. Hope this helps!!

Hoe do you say and in french?


Hoe do you say i like in french?


How do you spell hoe in French - pioch?

A garden hoe is "une binette". The term "pioche" is often translated as "ax", meaning pickaxe.

Hoe do i write write good appetite in french?

Bon Appétit

What is the French word for hoe?

une houe (fem.)

How do soft drinks effect the heart rate?

hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe

Hoe do you say about in french?

concernant, au sujet de, autour de

What does the name binette mean in french?

Une binette is a hoe. (A garden tool !)

Why did the US back the French in their fight against hoe she making?

Why did the US back the French in their fight against Ho Chi Minh

How do you say am i a hoe in french?

Je suis une binette. Expect French people to look at you in confusion and amusement as you claim to be a gardening tool.

How many chambres does the heart have?

= hoe is not the word

What are the uses of rotary hoe?

To hoe, hoe HOE!

What is the Belgian for how's it going?

In Belgium we speak Dutch (Flemish), French and German. In Dutch: Hoe gaat het ermee? or: Hoe gaat het met je? In French: Comment allez-vous? In German: Wie gehts?

How many electrons are in Europium?

the answer is hoe

What are pa hoe hoe pa hoe hoe toe's?

A Phillipine archipelago.

How many Mexicans are there in Alabama now?

too many hoe

What does pa hoe hoe mean?

does pa'hoe mean. What are pa hoe hoe pa hoe hoe toe's? ... It could be because the word Hoe is derived from Anglo Saxon meaning high position, which is what Plymouth Hoe is.

Hoe many cm are in a meter?


Hoe many sides does a square have?


What is it called when a woman has many husbands?

A hoe.

Hoe many hooves do reindeer have?