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Yale University is located in New Haven, CT. Yale was founded in the year 1701. Yale is a private university.

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Q: Home of Yale University?
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What state is home of yale university in?

Yale University is in New Haven, Connecticut

What city is home ot Yale University?

Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut, but New Haven is not the university's home. In fact, New Haven and Yale University are very often antagonistic toward each other.

What type of university is yale university?

Yale University is an Private Research University.

Who is the Dean of Yale University?

There is no "Dean of Yale University".

Who established yale university?

who establish yale university

Who establish the university Yale?

who establish the yale university

Does Yale University have Cheerleading?

Yes, there are cheerleaders at yale university it a club sport search Yale university Cheerleaders

How do you say yale university in french?

'Yale University in French'

When was Yale University created?

Yale University was created in 1701.

When did yale university first open?

Yale University was founded in 1701.

How much does Yale University cost?

Yale University isn't for sale.

What large city in Connecticut is home of Yale University?

New Haven, Connecticut

How many buildings does Yale University have?

Yale University has 250 buildings. For more information about Yale follow the link.

What state is Yale University in?

Yale is in Connecticut.

How selective is yale university?

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Who began the first university?

The first university, Yale was founded by Eli Yale.

What are the major degrees offered at yale university?

what are all the majors at YAle university

Did Shia LaBeouf go to Yale University?

No; he was accepted to Yale University but declined.

Does yale university specialize in music?

Yes, Yale University specializes in music.

Who is the leader of Yale university?

The President of Yale University is Richard C. Levin.

When was Yale University Press created?

Yale University Press was created in 1908.

Which educational institution is in Connecticut Columbia University Yale Harvard or Brown University?

Yale University is in Connecticut.

Did linus yale create yale university?

Elihu Yale donated money for it

Who is the deen of Yale university?

Dr. Khalilah L. Brown is the dean of Yale University.

What is in the center of Yale university?

Harold Bloom and Vincent Scully are the center of Yale University.