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The typical change interval is every 12000 miles. I change the air filter and cabin filter at the same time.

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Q: Honda Pilot cabin filter change interval?
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How do you change the dust and pollen air filter in a 2007 Honda Pilot?

HONDA PILOT .ORG - Changing out the cabin (dust/pollen) filter HONDA PILOT .ORG - Changing out the cabin (dust/pollen) filter

Does the 2014 Honda pilot have a timing chain or belt?

A 2014 Honda Pilot has a timing Belt, You can look in your owners manuel to determine the change interval.

How do you change the oil filter in your Honda Pilot?

Auto Transmission Fluid

What is the Oil capacity for a Honda Pilot 2006?

4.5 qts. with filter change, 4.2 qts. without filter change.

Where is the automatic transmission filter located at on a 2005 Honda Pilot ex?

There is no automatic transmission filter on Honda Pilot.

How do you change Honda Pilot cabin air filter?

See Honda Pilot dot org.

What does service code B12 on a Honda Pilot?

The code B12 for a Honda Pilot indicates three different services that are needed. The B indicates that there is an oil and filter change required. The 1 is for a tire rotation and the 2 is for the replacement of the air filter and cabin filter, as well as the drive belt needs to be checked.

2006 Honda pilot a warning light comes on that looks like a wrench what does that mean?

Time for a interval service or just a basic oil change.

Does a 2002 Honda Pilot have a pollen filter?

Trick Question! The first pilot was the 2003 model. And yes, the 2003 pilot does have a pollen filter.

Where is the oil filter located on a 2004 Honda Pilot?

On a 2004 Honda Pilot, the oil filter is located on the inside of the right front tire. The filter becomes easier to remove when the wheels are turned as far to the right as they can go.

How do you change brakes on a Honda Pilot 2006?

How do you change fron t and rear brakes on a 2006 Honda pilot lx

What does a a1 service code on a 2009 Honda Pilot mean?

A = Change oil/filter 1 = Rotate Tires

What does B16 mean on a Honda Pilot?

B = Change engine oil/filter 1 = Rotate Tires 6 = Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped)

What does service code B136 mean on 2011 Honda Pilot?

B = Oil/Filter change, safety, mechanical, and emissions inspection.1 = Rotate Tires3 = Change transmission fluid6 = Change differential fluid

What car does a bosch 3323 oil filter fit?

Honda Pilot 2005-2011

2009 Honda Pilot engine air filter?

Changing an air filter in a 2009 Honda Pilot is simple to do. First raise the hood and find the air filter box. There will be clips holding the box closed, remove the clips and open the box to reveal the old filter. Replace it with a new unit.

How do you change front motor mount on Honda Pilot 2005?

2005 Honda Pilot changing the front motor mounts

What does service code B136 mean on a 2008 Honda Pilot?

B = Oil/Filter change, safety, mechanical, and emissions inspection. 1 = Rotate Tires 3 = Change transmission fluid 6 = Change differential fluid

Where is the dust and pollen filter on 2005 Honda Pilot?

behind the glove compartment

How do you change a headlight on a Honda Pilot?

just look at it

What does a drive works dw-4612 oil filter fit?

honda pilot v6

How often or after how many miles for an oil change on a Honda Pilot?

This depends on the year and model of your Honda Pilot. Check your Owner's manual that goes with the vehicle..

How do you turn off the oil change light on your Honda Pilot?

Change the oil.

Where is the engine oil filter on a 2004 Honda Pilot?

under the motor by right front tire

Is 2007 Honda Pilot chain or belt?

The cam is driven by a belt on your pilot. Change it at 110,000 miles.