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If a check engine light is appearing when the car starts then the ECU is receiving an alert from somewhere in the engine. The computer should receive a diagnostic test which will provide an answer as to why the check engine light appeared on the 1997 Honda Civic.

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Q: Honda civic 1.4 1997 engine light come on after engine start?
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When my check engine light is on my Honda civic will not start. When the check engine light is off the car starts with no problems?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

Why does the check engine light stay on after you did B16A swap in a 95 Honda HB Civic?

check the codes and see what comes up, that'd be where i start...

Your Honda civic will not start every time it rains and it will not start if the engine light is on?

I had this problem with mine (1995 Civic) and after the 3rd mechanic got it, all he did was replace the computer and it works fine. The others had no clue there was a computer on board.

What are the reasons a check engine light will come on in a 1997 HOnda Civic?

There are multiple reasons. Have the ECU scanned and that will tell you where to start looking and what part is being effected.

How do you reset the maintenance light on 2003 Honda Civic si?

Push and hold the odometer reset button and then turn the ignition switch to the on position but do not start the engine. After around 5 seconds the light will reset.

1993 Honda civic wont start where is fuel fuse?

The fuse box, on your 1993 Honda Civic, is located in the engine compartment. A diagram of the fuses can be found on the inside of the fuse box cover.

2007 Honda Civic remote start?

What about it?

What is the srs engine light on mean for a 2000 Honda civic?

The SRS (supplemental restraint system) is your airbag system. The the should light up when you start your car and go away after a few seconds. If it stays on, there is a problem with the system. You should probably take it to a certified Honda mechanic or a Honda dealership

How do you replace the timing belt on a 95 Honda civic?

This is an interference engine and as such if you do this repair incorrectly you will have engine damage when you attempt to start the vehicle. I recommend you have this done by a professional.

How do you know if you installed your timing belt wrong in a Honda Civic 1995?

When you attempt the start the engine it will not start and will more than likely damage the valves and or pistons.

Do you start from left side of the engine or the right side of the engine when changing sparkplugs on a 2001 Honda Civic lx?

Whichever side you like. The car doesn't care.

Why does Honda Civic 2008 not start once key is in ignition?

but will second time start.

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