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Mayo Hospital, Ganga Ram Hospital, Gulab Davi Hospital, JinnahHospital ,Services Hospital,Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Children Hospital, and PIC are very good Hospitals. One of the most expensive hospitals is Doctors Hospital in Johar Town, Its reputation is very much Notorious. Most of the doctors are greedy. They do not take care of the patients , They only take care " How to snatch money from the pockets of the Patients"

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Will you please offer the contact details of the private hospitals in Lahore?

ph: 09098 97 11 28 This is a very good hospital which a highly recommend :)

What is the city of gardens in Pakistan?

lahore, lahore, lahore

What is the postal code for Lahore in Pakistan?

Postal codes for Lahore in Pakistan:Lahore G.P.O 54000Lahore Gulberg 54660Lahore Cantt 54810Lahore Model Town 54700Lahore Ferozepure Road 54600Lahore Awan Colony 54780Lahore Iqbal Town 54570Lahore Chah Miran 54900Lahore Walton 54750Lahore Ismail Nagar 54760Lahore Baghban-Pura 54920Lahore TownShip 54770Lahore Shahdara-Bagh 54950Lahore Mughal Pura 54840Lahore Multan Road 54500Visit the link below for more information.The zip code of Lahore in Pakistan is: 54000

Zip code Lahore?

City/Town Post Code Lahore AlFalah 54020 Lahore Aitchison College 54030 Lahore Batapur 53400 Lahore Cantt 54810 Lahore CMA Cantt 54800 Lahore Ferozepur Road 54600 Lahore Governor House 54880 Lahore GPO 54000 Lahore Model Town 54700 Lahore Gulberg 54660

When was Lahore Lahore Aye created?

Lahore Lahore Aye was created on 2004-01-01.

Which city is the heart of Pakistan?

Lahore Lahore population is upto 10 million. Lahore is a business city ,Education City, Lahore Food is very famous in the world. Lahore is Heart of Pakistan, Lahore is a very Historical Place with Mughal Kings forts and mosques. Lahore museum Lahore Zoo Lahore Universities Lahore Mughal Empire

What is the complete name of Lahore?

complete name of Lahore is "Lahore"

You are in Lahore change in negative sentence?

You are not in Lahore.

Which city is called the city of colleges in Pakistan?


What is the largest city in Lahore?

Lahore itself is a city. There are no cities within Lahore.

Where is Lahore?

Lahore is in Pakistan, Asia.

Where is the Starbucks in Lahore?

starbucks in not in lahore

Where is Lahore fort?

Lahore fort is in the middle of Lahore. Nearest landmark is Badshahi Mosque.

What is the best school in Lahore by teaching?

In terms of teaching and management Lahore grammar and American lycetuff and Atchisons Lahore are the best schools in lahore.

Which the big city islamabad or Lahore?


What is the state of Lahore?

Lahore is the city of Punjab.. People say that Jine Lahore nai wekhya o jamia e nai... Lahore is city . In Pakistan , there are no states but provinces , province of Lahore is Punjab .

Is educators is top school in Lahore?

Educators is an above average school. Top schools of Lahore are; Lahore Grammar School, Aitchison, Beaconhouse and The City School are the top schools of Lahore. The Lahore Lyceum and Lahore American School are also renowned names.

Address of cmh Lahore?

CMH Lahore Medical College is situated in Lahore Cantonment in the vicinity of CMH (Combined Military Hospital) Lahore, on Abdur Rahman RoadAddressCMH Lahore Medical CollegeAbdur Rahman Road, Lahore Cantonment, Pakistan

In which Indian state Lahore was Was it in Bihar or Was is the part of Pakistan itself?

Lahore is in Pakistan. There is no place in India called Lahore. Before independence, Lahore was a part of India.

What is the population of Lahore Pakistan?

Combined population of Lahore City and Lahore Cantonment is 10,000,000 in year 2009.

Where is Neurosurgery in Lahore?

Most of the teaching and private hospitals have the facility of neurosurgery. The best place in the city I would say be Services institute of medical sciences and services hospital at jail road.

What is postal code of Lahore?

G.P.O Lahore 54000

Old name of Lahore?

old name of Lahore

How many gates of Lahore?

Lahore has 12 gates

What is the type of soil in Lahore?

which type of soil is there in lahore