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vinegar with water

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Q: Household hazardous waste can be eliminated by preparing your own cleaning products using the following ingredients EXCEPT?
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What are some household hazardous waste products?

oven cleaner

What are the raw materials in Hazardous household waste?

fruits..... because they have acid in them?

Why should you move slowly to pet a cat?

Because the cats are from Voodai. They are hazardous and must be eliminated

What is the difference between whmis and hhps?

WHMIS = Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Safety HHPS = Household Hazardous Product Safety

The average home in the US generates how many pounds of hazardous waste annually?

The average household generates no Hazardous waste at all . . .

How do I dispose of batteries properly?

Nickel cadmium batteries are considered as hazardous waste and can not be disposed off in normal waste. Those should be deposited in Household hazardous waste collection sites and these can not be recycled. Lithium/Lithium ion and Nickel Metal hydride are not considered as hazardous and can be disposed off as normal household waste.

What has the author Emy Chan Meiorin written?

Emy Chan Meiorin has written: 'Toxics away' -- subject(s): Hazardous wastes, Hazardous substances 'Guidelines for planning household hazardous waste collection programs' -- subject(s): Hazardous wastes

What does HHPS stand for?

HHPS stands for Hazardous Products Symbols. These symbols are used to identify the potential hazards of products for consumers.

Why is fp3 small illegal?

Fp3 small is illegal because of the ingredients it contains which are hazardous.

Why are consumers often uncertain about the hazardous ingredients contained in the products they buy and use?

Why are consumers often uncertain about the ingredients contained in the products they buy and

What are three forms of solid waste?

The three forms of solid waste are household, industrial and biomedical. All three kinds can be hazardous, but the latter two are considered especially hazardous.

What is true about hazardous waste?

When waste is able to cause significant harm to people, property or the environment, it is considered to be "hazardous waste" and is treated with greater care than regular old garbage.