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Regional College of Management, Bangalore, is a college that specializes in only various management courses. This is a pure management college. Here is a list of courses that are offered by this college of South India:-

● MBA- MBA is the abbreviation for Management of Business Administration. It is a two-year, full-time, customary MBA that falls under Bangalore University. This is a leadership program with a double specialization mode. The crucial year understudies are provided with major learning, explanatory aptitudes, and procedures, logical understanding, natural mindfulness. This provides the bedrock for this program.

● BBA- Bachelor of business administration, abbreviated as BBA, is another and the most basic management course offered in RCMB. It is a three-year degree course, and it provides theoretical and practical knowledge to any aspirant in commerce, business, and administration. BBA is a basic course that helps aspirants develop their basic business understanding and entrepreneurial insights that will further help them become effective leaders and managers in the future. During the BBA course, certain traits are taught: excellent communication skills, interest in problem-solving, an inclination towards teamwork, and time management. These traits will further help students get a job in the future after completing their courses.

● PGDM- PGDM is the abbreviation for Post-Graduate Diploma in Management. It is a three-year course for students who have already gained their undergraduate degrees. It is a qualification that one can get after they complete their graduation. Unlike an MBA, PGDM courses are industry-oriented. They are more practically oriented, whereas MBA is more theory-oriented. With the help of a PGDM course, a student can take part in grooming programs, and they get mentorship and industry exposure. Placement is more rigorous with PGDM programs. With the help of this, you can be offered a great salary package.

Now that we know what courses are offered in RCMB, let us take a quick look at the fee structure for each course:-

● For the three-year BBA course, the fee is 2,55,000.

● For the two-year MBA course, the fee is 8,85,000.

● For the two-year PGDM course, the fee is 8,85,000.

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Regional College of Management, Bangalore, popularly known as RCMB, has been rated as the “Best College for Placement in South India” in the year 2020 by Berkshire Media LLC, USA. For the batch of 2018 to 2020, the placement record has been a hundred percent. The average salary package that is offered to the students is around 6.5 LPA to 7.2 LPA. The minimum package offered is 5.5 LPA, and the highest package offered is 27 LPA. Every student of every batch is always placed with multiple offers. Also, as mentioned earlier, the salary packages offered are way higher than any other college. Regional College of Management, Bangalore is a career-oriented college, and hence, the placements are a hundred percent with amazing salary packages.

Regional College of Management, Bangalore, being one of the best colleges, has a wonderful infrastructure comprising well-equipped classrooms, good hostels, mess area, and cafeteria. Let us take a more detailed look at the campus:-

● Library- This College has an immense library with invaluable collections of books, study materials, etc. This library has one of the best collections of information sources in management-related disciplines. Along with that, the library has a vast collection of textbooks and reference books. Besides the offline, hard copies of books, the library has a whole online digital section providing a full collection of documents. The library has subscriptions to international periodicals, databases, and online journals. It maintains a very systematic online system designed to help students flip through online journals and other resources such as ebooks and such that apply to their subjects and courses.

● Hostel- The hostel campus is well built and facilitated with twenty fours Wi-Fi connection. The whole hostel has well-maintained facilities. Along with being Wi-Fi enabled, the hostel is equipped with single and double occupancy rooms. In the hostel campus, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at regular intervals daily. All the hostel rooms are equipped with water, electricity, power backup, a television with DTH, an emergency first aid facility, and so much more.

● Sports- The college has sports complex equipped for playing many various kinds of sports such as Badminton, Basketball, tennis. The sports complex has a badminton court, basketball court, tennis court, carom, yoga, meditation hall, volleyball court, and Chess.

Other than these facilities, the college has lab facilities such as computer labs, a cafeteria, full campus Wi-Fi service, an auditorium, and A/C classrooms.

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Q: How are the placement and infrastructure and fee structure of this college What are the courses offered here?
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