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They are both solids at room temperture

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Which is denser sodium or zinc?

Which is denser sodium or zinc

Zinc acetate react with sodium phosphate?

sodium acetate and zinc phosphate

Zinc nitrate plus sodium hydroxide?

zinc nitrate + sodium hydroxide yields sodium nitrate and zinc hydroxide( white precipitate)

What happens when zinc is put in concentrated sodium hydroxide?

Zinc react with sodium hydroxide and the zinc hydroxide is obtained.

Why does zinc not react with sodium hydroxide?

Because zinc is lower than sodium in the metal activity series: (http://grandinetti.org/Teaching/Chem121/Lectures/SolutionReactions/assets/ActivitySeries.png) Therefore, zinc cannot replace the sodium in sodium hydroxide. Because zinc is lower than sodium in the metal activity series: (http://grandinetti.org/Teaching/Chem121/Lectures/SolutionReactions/assets/ActivitySeries.png) Therefore, zinc cannot replace the sodium in sodium hydroxide.

How do you separate zinc carbonate from a mixture of zinc carbonate and sodium carbonate?

A mixture of zinc carbonate and sodium carbonate can be separated by washing with neutral (pH 7) water. The sodium carbonate will dissolve in the water, while the zinc carbonate will remain undissolved.

Why does sodium oxide plus zinc give sodium zincate plus hydrogen?

It doesn't. There is no source of hydrogen atoms in the equation, and there is no zincate. Sodium oxide plus zinc produces zinc oxide plus sodium. Na2O + Zn ---> ZnO + 2Na

What is the balanced equation for zinc hydroxide react with excess sodium hydroxide?

There is no reaction between zinc hydroxide and sodium hydroxide.

Which is more soluble zinc sulphate or sodium sulphate?

Sodium sulfate is more soluble in water than zinc sulfate.

How to separate zinc carbonate and sodium carbonate?

using distilled water zinc carbonateis insoluble and sodium carbonate is and will dissolve away leaving behind zinc carbonate

What is the reaction between zink nitrate and sodium chloride?

If you think that zinc nitrate is zinc and nitrogen and gas and sodium chloride is sodium and chlorine and gas Sodium is in first group of periodic table (the reactive metals) and zinc is lower down in this group so you have so far zinc + sodium = sodium zincide (sodium is more reactive) Now you have Nitrogen (forms to nitrate) - Gas chlorine (forms to nitrate) - Gas and substance Nitrogen wins So.... o overall we have zinc nitrate + sodium chloride = sodium nitrazink Which means The reaction is fizzing and compression with gases

When sodium hydroxide is added to zinc nitrate what happens to the solution?

Zinc hydroxide precipitates while sodium nitrate remains in solution.

What are mercury zinc sodium and aluminum called?

Mercury (Hg), zinc (Zn), sodium (Na) and Aluminum (Al) are called METALS

Does sodium chloride or zinc oxide have any relationship to heroin?

Sodium chloride and zinc oxide haven't any chemical relation with heroin.

What is meant by amphoteric oxides?

An amphoteric oxide is one which reacts with both acids and bases. An example is zinc oxide: zinc oxide + hydrochloric acid --> zinc chloride + water zinc oxide + sodium hydroxide --> sodium zincate + water

What is the Reaction between zinc and sodium hydroxide?

The RXN is not possible as ZINC is less reactive than SODIUM and can't displace it from its aqueous salt solution.

What is the formula of sodium chloride and zinc nitrate?

The chemical formula of sodium chloride is NaCl. The chemical formula of zinc nitrate is Zn(NO3)2.

How zinc oxide reacts with excess sodium hydroxide?

Zinc salt will form complexes of sodium zincate which is colourless and a clear solution would be observed

What happens when Zinc nitrate reacts with sodium hydroxide?

Zinc nitrate will form zinc hydroxide in that reaction,which is an amphoteric hydroxide... :-)

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