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its good to do at becs of a lot fo suffy

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Q: How did England's involvement in European conflicts influence rebellions and wars within the North American colonies?
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What was the major sources of the tension between Britain and the US in the 1840s?

American involvement in Canadian rebellions and border disputes :P

How did the 1949 communsit victory in the Chinese civil war influence American involvement in Vietnam?


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to end American involvement in Muslim countries to rid the muslim world western influence

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to end American involvement in Muslim countries to rid the muslim world western influence

Why did Kennedy increase American involvement in Vietnam?

Kennedy increased American involvement in Vietnam by creating the Peace Corps.

What did Abigail Adams do after the war?

Following the American Revolution, Abigail Adams was known for her involvement and influence in politics through letters written to her husband as he participated in the Continental Congress. Her influence continued following his election as the second President of the United States.

Who is Prince Estabrook?

Prince Estabrook was the African - American who lead the rebellions.

Has Anglo-American intervention in the Middle East provided the conditions for conflict to continue into the 21st century?

Yes and No. Anglo-American intervention has certainly fed fuel to certain fires and kept some conflicts going where one side mmay have otherwise burnt itself out, but most of the conflicts in the Middle East started long before any Anglo-American involvement in the Middle East began and will likely continue for centuries to come.

How did the 1949 communist victory in the Chinese civil war influence American involvement in Vietnam?

The United States Increased aid to the French in Vietnam. (NN) because the US was against Communism.

What did new mexicos involvement in the spanish american war show?

The involvement of new Mexicos in the Spanish American war showed solidarity.

What controversial incident began American military involvement in Vietnam?

American involvement in Vietnam actually dates back to 1953, at the request of the French. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident is what led to an escalation of US involvement in 1965.

What are 4 external conflicts in ''American history''?

American history has had many external conflicts. Here are four examples: The Korean War, The Vietnam War, World War I and World War II. These are conflicts that involved the American military.

What event ended the progressive era?

American Involvement in WWI American Involvement in WWI

What conflicts has the Lockheed P38 been used in?

The Lockheed P38 Lightning was an American fighter aircraft developed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1937. If was used throughout the United States involvement in World War II.

Did colonists in british north American manage to avoid direct involvement in most of Britain's world wars' until the french and Indian war?

True. Because they lived on the other side of the world and did not directly deal with conflicts going on in Europe

What was the American Involvement in the Vietnam War?

== ==

What is the American Registry for Internet Numbers involvement in Internet public IP addresses?

what is American registry for internet number involvement with the internet public IP addresses

What role did the Northeast play in the American Revolution?

They helped to fight and start mini rebellions.

What major conflicts did European colonists and American Indians have?

The major conflicts of the European colonists and American Indians have the following of the Pocahantas groups of steel.

What was napoleons involvement in The Louisiana Purchase?

Napoleon's involvement in the Louisiana Purchase was that he SOLD Louisiana to the American colonies.

How did the Whiskey Rebellion play a role in shaping American history after 1800?

Before this point, states took care of their own rebellions. But Washington brought in 13,000 strong militia from multiple states to crush the rebellions making rebellions a federal problem. From then on, this also won respect for the U.S.and showed that rebellions would not be tolerated. I know because I'm an ap us student mlhs

How popular was American involvement in the Spanish American war?

It was viewed as a popular war.

How did religion and philosophy affect the growing American reform movement?

The influence of religion and philosophy on the American reform movement has to do with conflicts of ideologies. It is very difficult to argue political ideologies against ethical or theological perspectives. Usually, these debates make little to no progress.

How did the release of the pentagon papers influence public opinion?

The release of the Pentagon Papers turned an already war-weary American public even more sharply against US involvement in Vietnam. As of June 2011, the Pentagon Papers are declassified and available to the American public in their entirety.