How did flowers evolve in plants?

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Q: How did flowers evolve in plants?
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What is the difference between plants with flowers an plants without flower?

the plants without flowers HAVE no flowers ! and the plants with flowers DO HAVE flowers :P

How are plants different from flowers?

flowers grow on plants not all plants have flowers

Are flowers considered plants?

Flowers are plants

Are plants flowers?

Flowers are part of the reproductive cycle of plants therefore they are not plants per se.

Are flowers and plants the same?

Plants and Flower are not the same

Which flowers grows in plants?

Flowers are plants, therefore all of them.

Can plants be grown from flowers?

Plants can be grown from seed that come from flowers.

How can plants without flowers get there food?

Plants get their food from the roots and not from the flowers

What are plants that have flowers called?

Plants that produce flowers are called Angiosperms.

Do plants have two kinds of flowers?

Some plants have separate male and female flowers, dioecious plants have male and female flowers on separate plants, monecious plants have male and female flowers on the same plants . Holly trees and kiwi vines are diocious.

Example of ornamental plants with violet flowers?

ornamental plants with violet flowers

What flowers and trees are plants?

All flowers and all trees are plants.