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Riches helped him

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Q: How did Hitler build his army faster than anyone else?
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Did the Treaty of Versailles help Hitler?

yes it did help hitler because it gave him a chance to build an army and violate the treaty

How did Hitler in 1934 secretly build up Germany's army and weapons?

he built it underground

How did Hitler build up Germany for War?

Star ted to rearmed germanies army and with a lot of people unemployed hitler could use the unemployed to build germanies armed weaponary

Why did the Roman army build roads?

The Roman army built roads to be able to move about the Republic and the Empire faster and easier.

What did Hitler do that was so violation to the treaty of Versailles?

Germany wasn't allowed to build up its army or attack other countries. Hitler did both of these things.

Explain how Hitler destroyed the Treaty of Versailles in the year up to 1933?

He re-build the German army.

Who were the soldiers that served the army of Hitler?

the people that served the army was hitler himself

When did Hitler the army?

Hitler gone to army in WWI and served as a message runner

Did Hitler kill people himself?

No, Hitler did not kill people himself. Hitler had his own army (Hitler's Army) which helped him kill the Jew's.No

How did Hitler enlist people into the German army?

He made them believe that they were redeeming themselves after the crushing defeat of Germany in World War I

Did Hitler ever kill anyone himself with his hands?

No, it is only a legend; Germany had army, police, secret services, etc.

When did Hitler gone the army?

Hitler gone to army in WWI and served as a message runner

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