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What does a Moorish idol eat?

moorish idols are omnivores

When was Lisa Moorish born?

Lisa Moorish was born in 1972.

What is a Spanish palace of Moorish origin?

The Alhambra Palace in Granada is Moorish.

What is the nationAlity of the surname Ali?

Moorish American. Ali is a Moorish surname.

When were the first black people brought to America?

We Moorish people were already over here. Black people dont exist.

The last of the Moorish states in Spain?

The last of the Moorish states in Spain was Granada

The last Moorish stronghold on the Iberian peninsula was?

The last Moorish stronghold on the Iberian peninsula was Granada.

When was Moorish Science Temple of America created?

Moorish Science Temple of America was created in 1913.

What is El Alhambra?

The Alhambra is a beautiful Moorish Palace in Granada. It was the seat of the last Moorish ruler in Spain.

What is the name of the famous Moorish palace in Granada Spain?

The famous Moorish palace in Granada, Spain is called the Alhambra.

What people were moors?

They were essentially Moorish, Moslem Blacks from North Africa. to them are attributed the English-sounding Morris Dances- originally Moorish. ( Don"t say, the Jig is up!) The Moors dominated Spain up till about the time of Columbus when the dual monarchy of Fernando and Isabella drove them out. There are many Spanish people of Moorish descent and they are also found in the Philippines, known as Moros. They helped brew up the revolt in that country in l90l.

What are the release dates for Moorish Dreams - 2009 SUSPENDED?

Moorish Dreams - 2009 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2009

What was the Moorish wars?

what? you think I know!

What city was the site of the last Moorish Kingdom in Spain?

Granada was the site of the last Moorish kingdom in Spain. It was surrendered to Isabel and Ferdinand in 1492.

When did the Moors get expelled from Spain?

The last Moorish kingdom in Spain was defeated in 1492. Many Moors remained in Spain, but Moorish control there was ended.

Were all people in Spain white in the 1700s?

No there were a good deal of moorish peoples and Arabs in southern regions like cordoba and grenada

What is a moorish idol?

A Moorish Idol is a black, white, and yellow marine fish that lives in the tropical areas. They are popular aquarium fish but have short lifespans and sensitivity when kept in one. The character "Gill" in Disney & Pixar's "Finding Nemo" is a Moorish Idol fish.

What is the moorish flag?

The moorish flag is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the center. It is flown in the country of Morocco today, but its true history spans back over 100 centuries to the original moorish empire (not al Andulus but al Moroc)

What were two main achievements of moorish spain?

The two achievements of Moorish Spain is that he translated the largely lost works of Aristotle and helped enlighten the minorities on their rights.

What do the moorish science temple believe?

The Moorish Science Temple was founded in 1913 and its sole purpose was and is to uplift fallen humanity. The doctrines are Islamic so of course it is a monotheistic religion,and secondly it teaches the so called blacks here in America what their true nationality is, which is Moorish American.

What rhymes with flourish?

cherish Or: Poorish, Moorish, and boorish!

Are the Portuguese moorish?

No, the Moors are north African Arabs.

Where was the capitol of Moorish Spain?

Cordoba was the capital of the Caliphate.

What is an alcazar?

An alcazar is a Moorish fortress found in Spain.

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