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Do you mean middle classes in America, or Central American countries ?

central American countries

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The languages and religions are a combination of the Spanish and indigenous people.

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Q: How do the languages and religions of Middle America reflect the regionโ€™s history?
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How do the languages of Soth America reflect the Voodoos history?

How do the languages of Central America reflect the Voodoos history

How do the languages and religions of middle America reflect the region's history?

Do you mean middle classes in America, or Central American countries ? central American countries

How do the languages of Central America reflect the region's history?

because every one speaks different

How does the teo languages and religion of central America and Mexico of the region reflect its history?

Because both regions were conquered and settled by Spanish conquistadors during the 16th century. They imposed several traits such as customs, language and religion to the conquered, Native American peoples found throughout the region.

How do Canada's ethnic composition and official languages reflect its history?

Canada's ethnic composition is mostly European, but also includes people from many other parts of the world. This reflects the fact that Canada was founded by Europeans but maintains a strong policy of multiculturalism and immigration. The official languages, English and French, reflect the fact that the earliest settlements in Canada were French and British colonies.

How do the religions in central America and the Caribbean reflect the regions' histories?

Most of them are Roman Catholic, as these regions were conquered or colonized by Catholic European powers; specifically France, Spain or Portugal.

What part of Mali speaks french?

Mali is a multilingual country. The languages spoken there reflect ancient settlement patterns, migrations, and its long history. Ethnologue counts 50 languages. Of these, French is the official language and Bambara is the most widely spoken. Altogether 13 of the indigenous languages of Mali have the legal status of national language.

Which cultural influence came from the black power movement?

changing names to reflect African heritage

How do Israel's two official languages reflect the region's distinctive history?

Hebrew represents the Jews who returned to build the country. Arabic represents the Arabs including, but not uniquely, the Palestinians who continue to live and work in the country.

What cultural influences came from the Black Power movement?

Changing names to reflect African heritageoran interest in the study of African historyorA change in fashion to reflect African heritagean interest in the study of African history.

Why is it important to be able to change the constitution?

To allow it to adapt to changing times, and reflect the views of current America.

How does dance reflect culture?

Dance is the history of the culture.

How many languages are there in New Zealand?

There are three official languages in new Zealand, Maori, English and New Zealand Sign Language. Many other languages are spoken locally - Asian, and Pacifica languages being the commonest, though other European languages spoken reflect the origin of some immigrants.

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What do different religions think about conflict?

Just look at history and our current discourse and you will realise that religions have and always will be in conflict with each other. Currently extremist Islamists revel in conflict because the main tenets of Islam include Jihad which is holy war and they believe that all other faiths are trying to poision it. Terrorists and other extremists do not necessarily reflect the beliefs and teachings of all Muslims.

What are goals of history writing?

To reflect the wandering of the authors mind

How does the diversity of languages in Europe reflect its cultural characteristics?

because the people all come from different cultures

What don't categories of protists based on the way they obtain food reflect about these organisms?

Does not reflect the evolutionary history of the organism.

What are Italian languages?

Verbal and written communications of insular and peninsular Italy are what Italian languages are. The main language is Italian, but with local and regional variations. Other languages reflect the interactions across Italy's borders with Austria, France, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

How does classification of organisms reflect on evalutionary history?

Because of the similarities of the organisms.

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If a museum is a natural history it will have natural exhibits or if it a historical museum it will have objects from periods of history.

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Humans have habits. Some habits are good and some habits are bad. History is a record of both the good and bad habits. If you reflect on history you may be able to avoid bad habits and promote good habits. History also records patterns of nature, floods happen, hurricanes happen, and good times happen.

Who is right Hindu or Muslim?

It is a matter of belief and free choice. You have to read in religions and discuss with people who are knowledgeable of each or both religions then you will know and decide by yourself. I can't reflect here my own opinion in order not to be accused as biased.

Why does Beowulf reflect elements of Christian and pagan religions?

The poem originated in a pagan oral tradition, but was transcribed after the Anglo-Saxons had converted to Christianity.

What aspects of culture in Pacific South America reflect Spanish influence and what aspects reflect Indian heritage?

Because they are Creoles, American born descendants of Euorpeans.

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