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Q: How do the setting and other characters influence Samuel?
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Which has the greater influence on Samuel-the setting or the other characters in blood on the river?


What are the the elements associated with a characters context?

Setting, other characters, and conflict are associated with a character's context.

What are the elements to a character's context?

Setting, other characters, and conflict

What is the setting of 'the monkey and the turtle?

the characters in the monkey and the turtle are the monkey,the turtle and the other monkey

How does the setting affect the characters as a whole?

It depends on the story. Usually, the setting does not affect the characters much, but in some stories, the setting is instrumental to the story, and so has a greater affect on the characters. Think of stories set in space, for example: if the characters do something wrong, they will die in the vaccuum of space. Stories set in someone's living room, on the other hand, usually don't affect the characters very much and the setting is just a backdrop for the story in that case.

How does the setting and time period affect the plot and characters?

It doesn't always. Sometimes the story must be told in a certain setting, but other stories have a setting that is just a backdrop.

what- feelings map definition?

a written log of how one character's feelings influence the story and other characters

How did William Samuel Johnson join the constitutional convention?

William Samuel Johnson was allowed to join the constitutional convention because people respected him and he had influence on some of the other members. He was recommended by other friends to join.

Some of the components that go into creating a context for your fiction include setting conflict and what?

other characters

Some of the components that go into creating a context for your fiction include setting and other characters and?

conflict :)

What is feelings map?

a written log of how one character's feelings influence the story and other characters

How does the setting of the story influence the plot?

Plot can be extremely affected by the setting of a story and even become a part of the story. It's the setting for all that is to come and even if it's one set on stage, it can convey so much about who the people are and the way they live. Just as in a film, countryside can be a character of its own. But it can also affect plot in other ways. For example, setting can create a mood or atmosphere for the story. It can provide conflict in the form of barriers to the characters' goals. It can show why the characters are the people they are, and can tell more about them than their own actions and dialogue could.

how does the setting affect the main character in the book spidewick?

Setting can affect characters in literature in any number of ways. They can create conflict for the character, they can be said to form the character, and they can influence the character's actions. Let's look at a few examples. In a setting of war, there are many examples of how conflict is created for the character. In The Kite Runner, while there is a great deal of conflict between the characters, the setting itself often creates conflict for them as well. Fairly early in the book, Amir and his father must flee Afghanistan. When Amir returns to Afghanistan, it is still in a state of war, creating conflict and danger for Amir and Sohrab. In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, which takes place in Europe during World War II, the tension amongst the characters and the dangers to them are the result of this particular setting. Some settings can be said to form characters, just as in real life our own characters are formed by our settings. In The Giver, with few exceptions, the characters of the community are formed by their setting, a time and place removed from the rest of the world, insulated from all influences other than the rulers of the community. Their setting has made them into a group of compliant, almost robotic beings. On the other hand, in another isolated setting, the characters in The Twenty-One Balloons become wonderfully inventive. A setting can strongly influence the actions of a character. In The Kite Runner, the difficulties that Baba has in the new world humble him. He was accustomed to being at the top of the heap in Afghanistan, and now he is an immigrant, at the bottom of the heap. This causes him to change in many ways, to work harder, to dirty his hands as he never would have dreamed of doing in Afghanistan, and he also seems to gain some empathy, allowing him to be a better father to Amir. Had he remained in his original setting, he is unlikely to have grown as a character. It is interesting to speculate about how many writers begin with setting and how many begin with characters. Either way, setting and character must go hand in hand in a way that provides a conflict, a consistency, or a catalyst.

What is the definition of a feelings map?

a writtin log of how one character's feelings influence the story and other characters

What is charicterization?

Characterization is the development of a personality in a literary work by means of dialogue and interaction with the setting and other characters in the story.

Which was most important influence in setting the stage for world war 1?

The most important influence in setting the stage for World War I was militarism and alliances. When building a military and keeping it strong, became a sign that the country was ready to fight. When the other countries were on edge. Other nations were pulled into the war by alliances and they didn't need to be involved.

How does the setting shape character and vice versa?

It doesn't always. Sometimes the setting is just a backdrop and the story could take place anywhere. Other times, the characters are shaped by where and when they exist.

How did Hannah in the devil's arithmetic influence or affect the other characters?

Hannah saves Rivka from going to the gas chambers

What is the purpose of an allegory?

The main purpose of an allegory is to tell a story that has characters and a setting, as well as other types of symbols, that have both literal and figurative meanings

What is the character sketch of William Samuel Harris of three men in a boat?

Harris generally pushes work off on to other people. He does not like to work and this causes problems for the other characters.

Can sims characters on sims 2 xbox have kids?

No they can't which is a really annoying fact about it. Sims 2 on xbox just allows you to complete other characters goals. There should be a family setting in it too.

How does Bronte create sympathy for Rochester in these chapters considering he has caused the main character such pain?

Bronte uses the setting, other characters, the social culture, and the character language to give sympathy to characters such as Jane Ere

What other conventions are used in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Setting Plot Characters Central conflict Theme

What are the five different methods of indirect characterization?

Setting - characters are what the contents of their room suggest.Testimony - characters are what other characters say about themPlot1 - characters are what they doPlot2 - characters are what they sayInternalization - characters are what they thinkHints and comparisons - characters are what they are compared to other characters.OR:1) Action2) How Others View Them3) Private Thoughts4) Dialogue5) Appearance

How does the character influence the plot?

Simple, the character(s) that is/are chosen will always influence the plot because of how they deal with certain/react to certain situations, there are many other reasons but those are for the writer to decide. The character personality influences the plot as well, what other characters think of them, how they change etc.