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Q: How do you have to wait to hold your newborn genie pigs?
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How long do you have to wait before newborn guinea pigs can eat solid?

newborn guinea pigs can eat solid food in about two days but usually prefer to drink their mothers milk a bit longer.

When can you hold your newborn rabbits?

at 3 weeks it depends.... If you are bottle feeding your gonna have to hold them as soon as they're born so you can feed them. If they're being nursed wait till there partially weaned.

How long do you wait to feed a newborn puppy?

about a week or less

What age do babies go into strollers?

If you have a travel system (car seat attaches to stroller))) you can have your newborn in there... but if its a non-reclining stroller... wait until you baby can at least hold her head.

How much does a newborn puppy cost?

You CAN NOT buy a newborn puppy. You have to wait for it to grow and get away from its mother. If you want a newborn puppy you can put a deposit of some sort on it, but can not have it. They are too young to handle.

What does esperate mean in English?

[You] Wait. Hold on. Hold it [right there]. Literally = Wait yourself

How much will diapers be in a month for a newborn?

thats a stupid question wait and look!

How long do you wait to wash a newborn puppy?

every week(Saturday or Sunday).

How many pigs are in a pigs belly?

We won't find out until we get an ultrasound done on it or wait until it gives birth.

How long should you wait before you handle newborn gerbils?

You should wait until their eyes are open. Or when the mother will let you near them.

What does hold on mean in spanish?

¡Espera! = Wait! ¡Espérame! = Wait for me!

How long do you have to wait to stroke a newborn kitten?

It really depends on how the mom is, if it won't stress her out you can touch them as newborns, but it's good to wait a couple weeks.

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