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Q: How do you know when a chemical reaction has occurred between a cation and an anion?
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An element that has a tendency to lose elements in a chemical reaction is called?


Why does a chemical reaction occur?

according to difference in electronegativity of elements(+ cation , - anion) , activity of elements

What type of chemical reaction involves a metal atom transferring electrons to cations producing a new metal and a cation?

a single replacement reaction

Why do chemical changes occur?

because of affinities between particles, i.e. a cation binds with an anion because the cation is positive and the anion is negative

What is the chemical bond between cation and anion called?

This is a covalent bond.

what is Sr(cr)+2H2O(I) called?

Sr(2+) is the cation of strontium; H2O is the chemical formula of water. The chemical reaction is: Sr + 2 H2O = Sr(OH)2 + H2.

What are the substances Sr(cr) plus 2H2O(I) called?

Sr(2+) is the cation of strontium; H2O is the chemical formula of water.The chemical reaction is:Sr + 2 H2O = Sr(OH)2 + H2

When a metallic element is converted to a positive ion during a chemical reaction with oxygen the metallic element is said to be?

The metal become a cation.

Chemical bond formation may take place due to the interaction between a what and an anion?

The interaction between an anion and a cation.

What is liking to appear during or after a chemical reaction between an acid and a base?

An acid and base reacts to give a salt formation.during the reaction the OH- ions of the base nutralises the H+ ions of the acid & form water & the other cation & anion combine to form salt.

When a cation combins with an anion to form an ionic compound is the chemical reaction endothermic?

No, it is exothermic because they form bonds to become more stable spontaneously

Is iodine on a potato a chemical or physical change?

It is an easily reversible chemical reaction known as a redox reaction.The blue color is due to blue color is due to I2+ cation. The iodine has been oxidized by an oxidizing agent. It can be reduced back to I2 in the reverse reaction.

What is a salt called in chemistry?

Any chemical compound formed from the reaction of an acid with a base, with all or part of the hydrogen of the acid replaced by a metal or other cation.

Ionic bonds are chemical bonds formed by?

The ionic bond is created between a metal and a nonmetal (a cation and an anion).

What is the chemical name of H3C?

Methyllium cation

What are the cation in chemical element KOH?

The cation is the Potassium - K+. KOH is not a chemical element, its a compound - more specially a base.

What is always true about a chemical formula with H as the cation?

H + cation => acid

What is the formation of an ionic compound?

An ionic compound may be obtained after the reaction of an acid with a base. The link between the cation and anion is ionic.

What does lithium and francium have in common?

Lithium and francium are alkali metals and have some common chemical properties: a cation with the charge +1, violent reaction with water, high reactivity etc..

Is barium a cation or an anion?

Barium loses two electrons in a reaction, so it becomes positive or a cation.

Which of the following chemical is a cation?


What is the chemical name for SBr3?

The name of this cation is tribromanylsulfanium.

What is chemical species is cation?

Cation is a positive ion: examples are Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Li+, etc.

Which goea first in writing a formula the cation or anion?

The cation comes first when writing a chemical formula.

Is Chemical bond formation may take place due to the interaction between a cation and an anion?

when forces of attraction overcome forces of repulsion