How do you make a chemical reaction that makes stuff blow up?

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Kaden Boyer

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2023-03-28 13:26:12

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you need to add baking soda(a base) and vinegar(an acid)

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Victoria Osewe

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2023-03-28 15:48:23
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Kaden Boyer

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2023-03-29 12:45:13
I mean fire type of explosion.
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Victoria Osewe

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2023-03-29 12:53:59
oh,ok,umh, you need like those black stuff that are in batteries and a bomb.
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Q: How do you make a chemical reaction that makes stuff blow up?
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Why do peeps blow up in a microwave?

I'm not %100 positive but I'm pretty sure that what the peeps are made of liquefies and the heat acts as a catalyst and it makes a chemical reaction which makes the peep blow up.

What is the acids chemical reaction for hair dying?

the acids chemical reaction for hair dying is that your hair will blow up!

What is a list of things that happen when there is a chemical reaction?

Things can blow up, or even cause a radiation reaction

How can you tell if a reaction is a physical or a chemical reaction?

bubbling, change in color, blow up, smell, change in shape

What is required to produce the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen?

Lol trying to blow up the ocean

What substances can blow up if you mix them together?

Thousands. It's a simple chemical reaction. Learn about the chemical chart (table) and then figure it out from there.

Can a balloon blow up using lemon juice and baking soda?

Yes it can, the chemical reaction creates co2 which will go in the balloon therefore it will blow up.

Is silver melts when using a blow torch a chemical or physical recation?

It is a physical reaction. Melting is a physical change because it does not change the chemical composition of the substance.

What makes vinegar blow up?

If you are looking for what makes the vinegar fizz, baking soda or another base would work. It works because the vinegar and baking soda cause a chemical reaction with each other, and they cause it to fizz and foam. So in short, baking soda would cause it to "blow up." If you were looking for a different answer, I really don't know.

Is Egypt going to blow up?

Not unless some crazed maniac changes the chemical composition of the sand in a huge reaction to form nitroglycerine.

Diet Coke and Mentos when you eat it?

When you eat diet coke and mentos suprisingly nothing happens. it should blow up from the chemical reaction

What makes hurricanes deadly?

The strong winds knock heavy things down and blow stuff right at you or away from you. They also can blow the water from the ocean onto land, and it causes many floods and deaths.

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