How does a Sheet Metal Fabricator Handle Corrosion of Sheet Metal Parts?

1、Firstly descaling the bottom layer of sheet metal processing products. 2、Sheet metal cabinet processing factory generally does epoxy zinc-rich primer on the surface of the product, which is mainly used for steel structure and rust-proof primer of steel products, its coating film has very excellent physical and chemical effects, relatively easy to construct, good matching function, the primary components are epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, zinc powder, rust-proof pigment, additives and organic solvents. 3、The epoxy cloud iron center paint needs to be used with the epoxy zinc-rich primer, as the transition layer of the long-lasting anti-corrosion coating, its role is mainly to enhance the closure of the composite coating and anti-corrosion, or can also be used as the anti-corrosion and anti-rust primer to enhance the toughness of the coating film, so that the coating film has excellent adhesion and closure. 4、The products of sheet metal processing can be used as top layer. The top layer can be used for epoxy asphalt top coat, oxidized rubber top coat, acrylic and polyurethane top coat, fluorocarbon top coat, etc.

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Q: How does a Sheet Metal Fabricator Handle Corrosion of Sheet Metal Parts?
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