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spit on predators the predator fuss for a while and the lama run away

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Q: How does spitting on predators help lamas?
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Who are predators of the spitting cobra?

Monitor lizards and mongooses are the main predators of the spitting cobra.

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Is a spitting cobra prey or a predator?

Generally a Cobra is a predator. However, they are preyed on by rare specialist predators like Mongoose and Alpha predators like Honey Badgers.

How does a spitting cobra use its spit to protect it self?

They actually spray venom. They spray it from their fangs and into a predators eyes to cause blindness.

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Predators for llamas depend on what area they live in. In the US, one of their main predators is stray or wild dogs. Coyotes, wolves, cougars and bears also prey on them. Llamas have very few defenses, stomping and spitting being the worst.

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