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spit on predators the predator fuss for a while and the lama run away


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Monitor lizards and mongooses are the main predators of the spitting cobra.

They are the second highest ranking lamas next to the Dalai Lama. Hope that is a help. :)

Generally a Cobra is a predator. However, they are preyed on by rare specialist predators like Mongoose and Alpha predators like Honey Badgers.

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They actually spray venom. They spray it from their fangs and into a predators eyes to cause blindness.

There are several species of spitting cobras, the King Cobra is not one of them. Black-Necked Spitting Cobra Black Spitting Cobra Western Barred Spitting Cobra Red Spitting Cobra Mozambique Spitting Cobra Malaysian Spitting Cobra Black and White Spitting Cobra Sumatran Spitting Cobra Nubian Spitting Cobra

Black necked spitting cobraIndo-Chinese spitting cobraRed spitting cobraMozambique spitting cobra andGiant spitting cobraare the different spitting cobra species

Only if you need to lose a few ounces on a very temporary basis. A sip of water and it all comes back. As a weight loss idea, no, spitting does not help you lose weight.

5. They are:Black necked spitting cobraIndo-Chinese spitting cobraRed spitting cobraMozambique spitting cobra andGiant spitting cobra

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No, they just spit at you for the fun of it. (Yes, they spit venom at you) ---- Yes, it is venomous snake... Spitting Cobra is one of several species of cobras that have the ability to eject venom from their fangs when defending themselves against predators.

They help other zebras, but I don't think they help others that have the same predators

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