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Q: How had poverty affect the Ewellโ€™s physical health and opportunities for education?
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What strategy does the ewells family have regarding the children education?

Kids go to school on the first day and never again after that

What does Atticus believe about people like the Ewells?

Atticus believes that people like the Ewells don't care for education nor for being sanitary, but they should just be left alone because if that is how they want to be looked at in life as uneducated, rude-talking slobs, then so be it.

Who are the Ewells and what makes them so special?

The Ewells are the people in maycomb county

What do the people of maycomb county think of the ewells?

That the Ewells are lazy disgraceful victims of an unjust society.

What were similarities and differences between the Cunningham and the Ewell families?

The Ewells, and the Cunninghams are both part of the lower class of Maycomb. However they portray themselves differently . The Ewells lack a sense of care, education, and jobs. But the Cunninghams try to make money the best way they can, and also encourage there children to attend school

What facts are presented in chapters 17 and 18 that give a picture of the Ewells?

It seems that they are very boastful, but have not had a any proper education. They are also very prideful and secretive.

What did Ewells testify and To Kill a Mockingbird?

The Ewells falsely accused Tom of raping their daughter

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird is it the ewells or the cunninghams that go to school for only one day?

the ewells.

Where do the ewells live and what is their house like?

The Ewells live next to a dumpster in the community and their house is falling apart.

How does scout describe burris ewells physical appearance?

Scout says that Burris Ewell was the dirtiest human she had ever seen. He is completely filthy and lice crawl out of his hair.

How do we perceive the Ewell family after Bob's testimony and the descriptions given by Harper Lee?

The Ewells were arrogant White racists. Like everyone, they were poor, but in their financial poverty, they also lacked ethics and morals, even though they professed to be better than Blacks.

What kind of people are the Ewells?

The Ewells are a disgrace for a family. They are common white trash and hate nig$#*$. The Dad, Bob is a drunk.

What trouble was Helen Robinson having out of the Ewells?

the ewells were shouting at her when she passed by and one time Mr Ewell followed her to work.

How was Mayella different from the other Ewells?

Mayella tried to keep clean and take care of herself, unlike the other Ewells.

Compare and Contrast the Ewells and the Cunninghams?

The Cunninghams and the Ewells have two very distinct and opposite reputations. The Cunninghams which are very respected while the Ewells very much despised. The Ewells are given the privilege to hunt out of season, so that the residents of the small town of Maycomb would not have to tolerate their continuous begging twenty-four hours a day for seven days a week. These two families show the respectability of hard workers or, in the Ewells case, can fill their peers with sorrow. The Cunninghams have pride, as for the Ewells, they have a natural like anarchist nature that will eventually haunt them and hurt others because of their lurid like attitude.

Where to the ewells live?

by the dump

What is the difference between the Cunninghams and the Ewells?

The cunninghams are honest and proud taking only what they can repay, the ewells get around the law, steal and don't repay.

Why did Maycomb despise the Ewells?

Maycomb despises the Ewells because they live outside of the Maycomb community. They do not attend school or work within the community.

In To Kill a Mockingbird what does Scout learn from Atticus about the Ewells?

That the Ewells have been a disgrace to Maycomb for 3 generations not doing a single day of work.

In To Kill a Mockingbird where do the Ewells live?

The Ewells live right next to the town dump.Behind the garbage dump is where the Ewells live.Reread the part with the court case. It says they live in an old, low-quality home with lots of trash everywhere.

What scares miss Caroline at school?

A bug crawled out of Burris Ewells hair, Burris is one of scouts classmates and one of Bob Ewells sons.

How is the law bent for the Ewells?

They are white.

Why did the ewells have to go to school?


Why did the ewells not do the school?

They only go to school on the first day because the truant lady threats them with the police if they don't go. After the first day, she gives up and the Ewells ditch school for the rest of the year. The Ewells are poor, so they need to make a living by helping their father at home. :)

Who was the children's attacker and How did Mr Ewell die in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee?

Mr. Ewells attacked Jem and Scout. Bo Radley intervened after Ewells knocked Jem out. Mr. Tate took a knife of Boo Radlys and to say that Ewells killed himself.