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In cytokinesis, the final step of mitosis, a cell's cytoplasm separates in half with each half containing one nucleus. An animal cell membrane pinches in, creating a cleavage furrow until the mother cell is pinched in half. In plant cells, a new cell wall is constructed at what was the midline of the mother cell.

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Q: How is mitosis different in plant and animal?
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How does plant mitosis differ from animal mitosis?

plant mitosis differ from animal mitosis

Do plant and animal cells have mitosis?

Yes - both plant and animal cells undergo mitosis.

Is the process and stages of mitosis completely different in plant and animal cells?


The process and stages of mitosis are completely different in plant and animal cells?


What stage in mitosis of plant cells is different from animal cells?

Cytokinesis or Telophase

What is the difference between plant mitosis and animal mitosis?

In Plant Mitosis there is formation of Cell Plate Phragmoplast during telophase stage where as in Animal mitosis there is formation of cell furrow

What does not occur in plant cell mitosis but does occur in animal cell mitosis?

Astral rays does occur in animal cells not in plant cell

How does plant cell mitosis differ from animal cell mitosis?

plant cells lack centrioles.

Is centrioles in animal cell the resason why plant cell are difer with mitosis in it?

Centrioles present only in animal cells.It makes a difference between plant and animal mitosis.

Differences between animal and plant mitosis?

Centrioles are clearly visible in animal cells during mitosis where as in plants they do not.

Where does mitosis occur in a plan?

In a plant, mitosis occurs in the plant's cells, the process is the same as mitosis in an animal cell, but the rigid cell wall does not move.

What does not distinguish mitosis in plant cells from mitosis in animal cells?

presence of centrioles

What is the differences between plant and animal mitosis?

Well, when mitosis is finished (cytokinesis) the structures in a plant cell are different than those in an animal cell. in the animal cell the cell pinches off in the middle (clevage furrow.) In an plant cell, the cell creates a cell plate in the middle of the daughter cells and eventually creates a cell wall in between them.

What results in animal and plant growth?

Mitosis .

What is the difference between animal mitosis and plant mitosis?

Telophase in plant cells is different from that of animal cells. During telophase in an animal cell, the cell pinches to divide in two. In a plant cell, however, since their cell wall is stiff and difficult to manipulate, a cell plate forms in the middle of the cell which further separates the two cells.Hope this helped

Do plant and animal cells go through mitosis?

Yes, both go through mitosis.

What occurs in animal cell mitosis that does not occur in plant cell mitosis?

Cell walls form.

What does not occur in plant cell mitosis but dose occur in animal cell mitosis?

Centrioles form

How does mitosis in plant cells differ from animal cells?

Plant cells lack centrioles.

Is plant mitosis faster than animal mitosis?

Yes, that is why plants grow faster than animals.

What type of cells use mitosis?

Mitosis occurs in Multicellular Organisms (Plant & Animal Cells).

Why do cells in the body undergo mitosis?

Mitosis helps in the overall growth and maintenance of plant and animal bodies.

Plant cell mitosis is basically like animal cell mitosis except that?

plant cells use a cell plate to separate daughter cells

How is plant cell mitosis and animal cell mitosis the same?

Both divide the replicated DNA into two separate nuclei, and they both undergo cytokinesis to divide the cell, though the process is different in both.

Plant and animal cells have these fibers during mitosis?