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It depends on how determined and serious they are about it. The amount of time varies for each person

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Q: How long does it take a person to overcome their Addiction?
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Does it take emotional literacy to overcome addiction?

It is hard to overcome an addiction, there are support groups to help and have family and friends support you through this.

How long does it take to break a cutting addiction?

as soon as the person gets help or fixes the thing in their life that coused the person to have a cutting addiction in the first place.

How do you overcome television addiction?

TV addiction is not that difficult to overcome. You can take following steps in order to overcome TV:Set limits on watching TV.Participate in other fun activities such as outdoor games.Choose some beneficial activity like reading.Remember the dangers of watching TV.The most important thing is that are you willing? Never exceed the limits for TV whatsoever.

Who is responsible for creating drug addiction?

The person who chooses to take the drugs.

How long does it take for NyQuil addiction to affect your body?

Take no more then 4 nights!!

How do you overcome a strange addiction?

That is a good question, but if there were an answer that applied to everyone there would be no more addiction. However, whatever the addiction is, there are some basic steps you can take: 1) remove yourself entirely from any situation that might lead you to the addiction 2) substitute the addiction with something harmless like jogging, watching tv, etc. It's hard to be more specific without knowing what the addiction is.

How can someone fix an addiction problem by themselves?

Addiction is hard to overcome by ones self. It is best to get into a group therapy or rehab center. However if one wants to attempt to over come addiction by themselves one must first admit they have a problem, work on finding ways to take their mind off their addiction, and avoid situations where the addiction occurs.

How can a person overcome a phobia?

Yes, a person can overcome a phobia, but it most likely will take awhile. The person may need to go to a physiologist or therapist. It really just depends on what their phobia is.

Can hypnosis cure cocaine addiction?

Absolutely yes! You can overcome drug addiction through hypnosis session, this is designed to help you eliminate your dependence on drugs and take back control of your life as you discover how to break the habit and free yourself from temptation.

How does a person overcome so much loss of loved ones?

Get an new hobby. This will take your mind off this person.

How long does opiate withdrawl take?

Depending on the degree and length of addiction, from six to 10 days.

The most difficult drug addiction to overcome is that of?

By far the most difficult drug, or class of drug, to overcome are the Benzo's. Shorter lasting ones are the worst, yet even those with longer half-lives can take several months to years to recover from.

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