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How long does it take for the solar system to make one orbit around the Milky Way galactic center

What layer of the sun moves heat from the radiative layer to the photosphere

Which of these determines the intensity of a volcano

During earthquakes which type of fault results when one plate is compressed up onto another plate

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Q: How long would it take if a person could make a full orbit around the sun?
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What happen to the planet's orbit if there is no sun?

There would be no orbit. You have to have a body to orbit around and without a star or other planet to orbit around, it would just move in a straight line.

Is there any instance where a planets moon would not orbit around it?

No, a moon is a natuaral satellite and would always be in orbit around a planet. If it did'nt orbit the planet it would fall into the planet.

How long would it take for a person to orbit the earth?

Well lets say the person got a good push on a platform, then it would take around 90-110 mins.

What would happen if the planets farther from the sun were caused to move faster as their orbit around the sun?

The orbit would increase in size (the planet would orbit farther from the sun).

What would happen to a space vehicle in orbit around the earth if it sped up?

It would rise to a higher orbit, and slow down.

HOW many satelites does the moon have?

The moon has no known satellites. Anything in orbit around it would be in a fairly unstable orbit, and would not remain there.

What would happen to a planet if it stopped in its orbit around the sun?

then the world would.....

What is the path around an object in space called?

That would the "orbit".

What would happen if the Moon's orbit were completely in the same place as the Earths orbit around the Sun?

Your question isn't very clear. The moon revolves around the earth so it essentially has the same orbit around the sun.

What would happen if the moons orbit were completely in the same plane as the earths orbit around the sun?

A lunar eclipse

How would you describe the orbit of the moon in relation to the orbit of the earth?

The moon orbits earth not the other way around.

Why would a person always get nervous and jittery around a guy they are around?

That particular person could make them feel uncomfortable meaning have fear of them either about things one may know about the other or they could have feelings towards this person or this could be just an odd coincidence and they are generally nervous around everybody but insecurities may make you only see that around this person.

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