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Q: How many 50 ml bottles can be filled from from 1 full?
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How many 50 ml bottles can be filled from 5 l?


How many 50 ml bottles can be filled from 5 liters?

5,000 / 50 = 500 / 5 = 100

How many glasses of each to filled with 150 cu centimeters of the liquid can be made from 5 family size bottles of cola containing 1.5 liters?

Answer is 50

How many 750ml bottles in 50 gallons?

There are 189,270.589 mL in 50 gallons, so there are 252.361 750 mL bottles in 50 gallons, or approximately 253 bottles.

How many 20 ounce bottles can a 2 liter fill up?

3 19/50 bottles or 3.381404 bottles

How many bottles of whiskey 43 percent alc per hogshead?

50 bottles

How many bottles of 50cl equal two liters?

4 bottles of 50 cl, for two litres

How many bottles of wine for party of 50?

In general, have one bottle for every two people. For a party of 50, that's 25 bottles.

How many bottles of champagne for 50 people to toast?


How much could a bottle of Jimi Hendrix vodka be worth?

Large One is worth at Least 200.00 You can't get them anymore. I have 40,000 750ML brand new never filled Authentic Jimi Hendrix Vodka bottles for sale and 12,000 50 ML mini bottles brand new never filled for sale. These are the last remaining in the world. They are a very rare collectibles. $5.00 for 750ML bottles and $3.00 for the 50 ML mini's. Call for quantity pricing 206-795-9500

How many bottles of water are consumded a year?

The US consumes about 50 million bottles of water each year. That is about 1500 bottles of water each second.

Two matches have the same length as three bottles tops how many bottles top will have the same length as 50 matchsticks?

75 i think

Are 3 bottles of champagne enough for 50 guest?

No. You should have at least ten bottles for 50 people.

How many bottles of 50 cl equal one and a half liters?

50 cl = 0.5 l, so three.

If you have 250 guests how many bottles of wine should you purchase?

Depending on how much you pour, you will need at least 50 bottles, or just over 4 cases.

How many bottles of wine serve 100 people?

50 bottles: half a bottle per person. I prefer reds, but others would rather have white. I'd go with 35 bottles of red and 15 white.

How much is a baby bottle?

anywhere from a dollar to 15 dollars for one bottle. they do sell bottles in packages that range from 5 dollars to 50 depending on how many bottles and what type.

How many cups of water can a full bathtub take?

a full bathtub holds 50 cups of water ?

How many50 ml bottles can befilled from5 liters?

100 50 mL bottles.

How many full weeks in 50 days?

7 full weeks

How many Haribo Cola Bottles in 100g?

if you can check how much sugar there is in one cola bottle get all that sugar and weigh some approximately it should be bout 25 - 50 bottles

How many water bottles does the US drink in a year?

At the risk of sounding sassy, I will confidently state that no water bottles are drunk (or eaten) . . . However, there are mor than 50 billions bottles of water are consumed each year in the US.

How many people would have fitted in the lifeboats if they were filled to capacity?

about 40 to 50 people

What is the average bathtub volume?

60-100 gallons completely full Only half filled with person in it to prevent spillage so 30-50 gallons per bath

How many full weeks are in 50 days?