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Silicone has 4 valence electros so it would need 4 hydrogen atoms to give itself an octet of valence electrons.

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You would need 4 hydrogen atoms to bond.

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Q: How many hydrogen atoms must be bond to silicon to give it an octet of valence electrons?
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How many hydrogen atoms must bond with silicon to give it an octet of valence electrons?


How many valence electrons are in silicon atoms?


Number of valence electrons in two hydrogen atoms?

Two. One hydrogen atom has one valence electron, so two hydrogen atoms will have two valence electrons :)

How many valence electrons does a neutral atom of silicon have?

A neutral atom of silicon will have 4 valence electrons. The amount of valence electrons that a neutral atom will have can be found by the atoms group number in the periodic table.

How many valence electrons do atoms in period 1 have?

Hydrogen has 1 valence electron, whereas helium has 2 valence electrons.

What is the electron pair geometry of SiH4?

The molecule SiH4 has the silicon atom in the center (naturally) and the four hydrogen atoms are arranged very symmetrically at the corners of a tetrahedron, surrounding the silicon atom. Each hydrogen atom shares its single electron with the silicon, and the silicon shares its four valence electrons evenly with the four hydrogen atoms.

How many valence electrons do stable atoms have?

All stable atoms have 8 valence electrons except for Hydrogen and Helium who have 2. If the atom doesn't have enough then they can share electrons with the other atoms.

What Carbon has four valence electrons How many hydrogen atoms can bond to a single carbon atom?

all carbon atoms have 4 valence electrons. 4 hydrogen atoms can bond to a single carbon. That would be methane.

Atoms of which element have the most valence electrons?

noble gases full valence electron shield silicon (Si) neon

Do all atoms have valence electrons?

All except a hydrogen ion (proton) which has no electrons at all.

What is the number of valence electrons in NH2Cl?

Through covalent bonding, the nitrogen atom will have 8 valence electrons, the hydrogen atoms will each have 2 valence electrons, and the chlorine atom will have 8 valence electrons.

How many valence electrons does water have?

8. Hydrogen has 1 valence electron, Oxygen has 6. Since H2O has two hydrogen atoms, Water has 6 + 1(2) = 8 valence electrons.

How many electrons do silicon atoms have?

14 electrons. 2 electrons in the first shell, 8 electrons in second shell, and 4 electrons in the valence shell.

Which atoms follow the duet rule in filling up their valence shells electrons?


Which element can never have atoms with eight valence electrons even when it forms bonds?


How many electrons does silicon have in its outer most shell?

Silicon has 14 electrons. There are four electrons that orbit the nucleus in the outermost, or "valence," energy level, which are given to, accepted from, or shared with other atoms.

How many electrons that a hydrogen atom shares?

Hydrogen atoms have one valence electron which is also the only electron they have.

What kind of bonding is hydrogen gas occurs when two valence electrons are shared between the Hydrogen atoms?


How many valence electrons in H2 atom?

H2 is not an atom, it is a diatomic molecule. Each hydrogen atom has 1 valence electron. When two hydrogen atoms covalently bond to form an H2 molecule, there are two valence electrons being shared by the two atoms.

What does the valence shell contain?

In atoms, the valence contains the valence electrons. These electrons are the ones that bond with other atoms. In the valence, there can be anywhere from 1-8 electrons.

Properties of valence electrons?

Valence electrons are electrons that can be shared in the outer shell, also known as the valence shell. When shared, they form covalent bonds with other atoms. For example, two atoms of hydrogen, each missing one valence electron, can share the two extra valence electrons with oxygen, forming water, H2O.

How many total valence electrons does NH4 have?

Technically, the concept of valence electrons applies only to individual atoms, not to molecules or ions such as NH4+. As atoms, each nitrogen atom has five valence electrons and each hydrogen atom has one valence electron, so that the ion could be said to have a total of nine valence electrons.

How many valence electrons does methane have?

A molecule of methane contains 8 valence electrons: 4 from the carbon atom and 1 from each of the 4 hydrogen atoms.

Why does it take two atoms of Hydrogen to join one atom to make water?

In order for both hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom to have a filled valence shell of electrons, they must form covalent bonds with one another. The oxygen atom forms a covalent bond with each of the hydrogen atoms. When combining with oxygen, each hydrogen atom has two valence electrons, and the oxygen atom has eight valence electrons. By having filled valence shells, the atoms become stable. Refer to the related links for an illustration of a water molecule.

How many hydrogen atoms would you expect to bind with an atom with 4 valence electrons?