How many molecules are there in the universe?

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2023-03-25 10:53:08

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Q: How many molecules are there in the universe?
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How many molecules are in the universe?

42 ok so this person put only 42 molicules in the universe? wrong! there are so many molecules in the universe that not even sientists could figure that out but my guess is that there are billions and zilions of molicules in the universe.

What are most molecules made of?

All molecules are made of atoms. Many molecules contain Hydrogen because it is the most abundant element in the universe.

How many molecules fit into the universe Estimate please?

The number of atoms in the universe is estimated at 1078 to 1082. So the number of molecules would be smaller than this, obviously. Reference:

When did organic molecules were formed?

All the time. Organic molecules are common throughout the universe.

How many water molecules can be formed from one glucose molecule?

if there would be atoms in universe i would be really happy

Is milk made of molecules?

Yes, all organic compounds contain molecules. Yes, every single thing in the universe is made of molecules

What is 5 parts of the universe?

The universe includes atoms, molecules, planets, stars, and galaxies, among other things.

Where are molecules in the body?

molecules are everywhere in the body because the entire human body consists of molecules! there are more molecules in one human body than stars in the entire universe!

Are there any atoms or molecules on the moon?

Yes, definitely! Atoms and molecules make up the entire universe! They are also on the sun, Mars, Jupiter, everywhere.

How many seas in the universe?

It is not possible to know how many seas are in the universe.

What is the anthropic universe theory?

Loosely, if we take a look at gas molecules behavior we can deduct they move towards anthropy - a state with less order through time. In physics anthropic universe means that the universe is acting like these gas molecules. so in the future we will always have more disorder than order on a universal scale.

Why doesn't the gas present in the universe liquify though the universe is expanding?

Because there is no pressure being placed on the gas, the molecules do not become condensed enough to form a liquid.

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