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Q: How the Persian War, Peloponnesian War, and feud between Athens and Sparta led to Macedonia taking control of Greece?
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What are the results of the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars?

Greece was devastated, paving the way for Macedonia to take control, and use the combined resources to take over the Persian Empire.

What was the significance of the Persian Wars for the Greeks?

Failure of the Persian Empire to incorporate the Greek city-states under its control left the Greek city-states to continue warfare between themselves, so weakening them that the became vulnerable to takeover by Macedonia, and Macedonia was able to use the combined power to takeover the Persian Empire.

What happened after the Peloponnesian War?

The Greek city-states continued their habitual wars against each other, with first Sparta, then Thebes gaining ascendancy, until King Philip of Macedonia brought them under control, and redirected efforts against the Persian Empire.

What were the conqsequences of the Persian wars?

The Athenians converted the Delian League which it had led against the Persians into an empire, and used it to bully the other Greek city-states, leading to the devastating Peloponnesian War and follow-up wars, opening the way for Macedonia to establish control of the weakened cities.

What was the long term effect of the Persian Wars on Greece?

When Macedonia took control of the Greek city-states, it used the combined strength to take over the Persian Empire.

What area did Sparta promise the Persian empire?

During the Peloponnesian War between Athens and its empire and the Peloponesian League led by Sparta, the Peloponnesian League received assistance from the Persian Empire which wanted to remove the intrusion of Athes into the Persian Empire via the Greek cities in Asia Minor which it had controlled. The defeat of Athens left these cities exposed and Persia was able to resume control of them and restore peace within its boundaries.

What effect did the two great conflicts of the fifth century the Persian War and the Peloponnesian War have on Greek civilization?

The Persian War failed in its aim by the Persian Empire to control the Greek inter-city warfare which was spilling over and disrupting peace in the Persian Empire. When Persia gave up and left the Greeks to their internal wars, Athens converted the anti-Persian alliance of cities into an Empire of its own. This Athenian empire interfered in the internal affairs of the Greek Peloponnesian League cities, and the 27-year Peloponnesian War broke out, lasting 27 years at terrible cost to the Greek world. Their resulting weakness and ongoing later wars made it possible for Macedonia to gain control of the Greek cities. Macedonia then used this combined power to take over the Persian Empire, under Alexander the Great, and on his death this split into several Hellenistic kingdoms ruled by his generals. They brought a veneer of Greek civilisation to the upper classes of the Middle East, but the main population continued it usual customs. Much later the rise of the Arab invaders changed all this.

The causes of the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars?

Persian War - Persia's attempt to bring the ever-warring Greek city-states under its control to promote a peaceful and prosperous empire. Peloponnesian War - after the persians were repelled, the Greek city-states returned to fighting each other with increasing ferocity.

Who did Israel help in the Peloponnesian War?

At the time of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE) Israel was under control of the Persian Empire, and so in no position to intervene in any of the Greek wars, not that it would have had any reason to meddle in Greek affairs anyway.

What lands did Alexander the Great control?

Alexander the Great came to control Macedonia and Greece, Egypt, the Persian Empire and some lands east fo there to India (for a short time).

What was the long-term effect of the Peloponnesian War?

Athens lost, was stripped of its empire and became a second rate power. Sparta was the leading city for the next 30 years until displaced by Thebes. The Peloponnesian War and subsequent infighting so weakened the Greek city-states that Persia was able to reassert control over the cities in Asia Minor, and a rising Macedonia was able to assert control over them and use the combined strength to invade and take over the Persian Empire.

How did the Persian and peloponnesian war affect ancient Greece?

Greek success in the Persian War freed the Greek city-states generally, and the ones in Asia Minor specifically, from Persian rule. Athens however continued to control and profit from the anti-Persian alliance it headed in the latter stages of the Persian War. Athens then used the resources of this empire to opress other Greek city-states, resulting in the Peloponnesian War, which it lost and so lost its empire. Greece then faced continued internal war. With this war spilling over into the Persian Empire, Persia forced a peace on the self-weakened Greek city-states and reclaimed the cities in Asia Minor which had beed freed from its rule in the Persian War, in order to bring peace within its borders. With the weakened state of the Greek cities in mainland Greece, the way was made clear for a emerging Macedonia to control the Greek cities and go on to capturing the Persian Empire.

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