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you could uses a sponge or use oil

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Q: How to separate water and constarcha.filtrationb. sievingc. decantation c.evaporation?
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Related questions

What is the difference between decantation and sedimentation?

sedimentation is the process in which we separate insoluble impurities. decantation is the process in which we separate soluble impurities.

How do you separate water from mustard oil?

By decantation

Can you separate sugar from water using decantation?

No. You can separate sugar from water by evaporation.

What is the name of method to separate oil from water?


How does the process of decantation work?

The process of decantation works by allowing solids to settle at the bottom of the mixture. This is a process that is used to separate mixtures.

How do you separate an undissolved solid from water?

Examples: filtration, decantation, centrifugation, etc.

How to separate an immiscible liquid?

The most simple method: decantation.

What is the process called to separate grain from husk?

I think decantation.

What separating method can be used to separate sawdust from water?


What method would you use to separate peas and water?


How can you separate soil particles from a jar of water can you separate them without using any instrument?

sedimentation and decantation

What are the methods to separate insoluble solids from liquids?

sedimentation ,decantation,filtration

Explain why is water separate from sand?

Water can be separated from sand by decantation or simple filtration.

What are ways you could separate oil from water?

Separation by decantation and filtration.

How will you separate sand and water from their mixture?

You can separate sand and water by sedimentation followed by decantation process.

How would you separate sand an water?

A simple separation is possible by filtration or decantation.

How will you separate lead chloride from a liquid?

Filter it off, sieve it or use decantation

Uses of decantation?

in order to separate an insoluble solid from a liquid

What method of separation would be used to separate sand from water?

Either filtration or decantation should be used to separate sand from water.

What is the process used to separate oil from water?

The most simple process is the natural decantation.

Definition of a separating funnel?

This funnel is used to separate two immiscible liquids by decantation.

Does decanting separate a solid from a liquid?

Yes, the decantation is a method of separation of solids from a liquid.

How do you separate a mixture of salt sawdust gravel and paperclips?

Decantation, filtration, sedimentation and evaporation

Did the undissolved solids separate from the water?

Yes, these solids can be separated by filtration, decantation, centrifugation etc.

How would you separate a beaker containing water and chalk powder?

first by sedimentation,then decantation and then filtration