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There are several Video Management Platforms you can use to set up private video sharing websites. StreamingVideoProvider is one such platform which ensures all features in place required for a private video sharing website.

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Q: How to Set Up a Private Video Sharing Website?
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What is the best way to share video?

It depends. If you don't own a website, you can post your videos to some video sharing website, such as stashspace, utube, Facebook or MySpace, blogger and so on. StashSpace is great for private video sharing and they don't take over the rights of your video like youtube. You have complete control over who you want to share the video with. They support lots of file types and have a subscription model that includes DVD quality backup and high quality sharing. Youtube allows you to set the broadcast option to 'private', which does not share the video you upload with the whole web and allows you to decide who can view it (on a video by video basis) up to 25 people. If you have a personal website, you can embed your videos to your website with HTML code, or put the videos to the video sharing websie above and then link them in your website. Generally speaking, flash video (.flv) is the best for video on the Internet, for it can enable 98% of Internet users see your video. So you'd better convert your video to .flv before uploading to your website.

What are the aims of the Traffic Geyser website?

The aims of the Traffic Geyser website is to distribute videos on the net. With Traffic Geyser, a person doesn't need to set up accounts with all the video sites and post their videos. They simply upload it to Traffic Geyser who will in turn distribute it to all the popular video sharing sites.

Should i take my video off youtube?

Unless your video violates the YouTube community guidelines or copyright laws, it is not necessary for you to take down your video. You may also set a video to unlisted or private if you don't want everyone to see it.

How do i set my Friendster photos as private?

how do i set friendster photos as private?

Is it possible to view a person's friend list without being their friend if they are set to private?

it depends on the website if myspace yes

How do you set up screen sharing?

Screen sharing on a mac is located in your APPLE MENU>SYSTEM PREFS>SHARING>click ON Screen Sharing and there you go!

Where can one find a tutorial on setting up the auctioneer add-on for World of Warcraft?

There is a detailed video on the video-sharing site YouTube with full instructions on how to set up the auctioneer addon for World of Warcraft, which is six minutes long.

How do you share files between computers?

on windows set your network type to private in network and sharing centre the open the folder Network from the start menu and other computers will appear that are on the network

How do you set your song on myspace private?

You can not set your songs on private unless you put it on your own private playlist of the music screen

What is the website Camstreams used for?

Camstreams is a website that allows users to utilize their free live video and audio webcam streaming service for free. Users can easily set up a webcast in minutes with the option of video chat feature for audiences.

Why couldn't i see my video on YouTube?

Maybe because more popular videos are covering it down into the hole of YouTube videos or you put it in private on accident make sure you published it!

Rebecca is a software engineer and has a knack for starting companies. Now she wants to start a social media video sharing network. What type of network does she want to set up?


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