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I love Shakespeare and I hope this may answer your question: In general, audiences were much rowdier and more directly involved in the show than we are today. There was no electricity for special theater lights, so both the stage and the audience were in broad daylight, allowing them to see each other and interact.

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2023-03-21 22:57:30
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Q: How would an audience in Shakespeare's day see this scene differently to us?
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What would the audience do if they did not like a performance at the theater in Shakespeares time?

Throw food

How did an audience know in Shakespeares time that a play was going to begin?

A cannon would fire so the audience knew the play was about to begin.

How did the audience know when the play was going to start in shakespeares time?

An actor would shout from the stage

Why te stage in Shakespeares theatre was called a thrust stage?

Because the front part of the stage, the proscenium, would 'thrust' out from the stage proper and into the audience space.

What is the Significance of the number 3 in Macbeth?

the number 3 was considered unlucky in shakespeares time so the audience would have assumed that something bad was going to happen

How do you Use Language Appropriate To the Audience and the Purpose of the Communication?

The way that you use language appropriate to the audience is to know your audience. Once you know who your audience is, you would adjust your vocabulary and speech to suit the audience. For example, you would adjust differently for a group of kindergarten students and a group of doctors. The purpose of communication is make yourself understood.

What do directors do?

Directors organize the order of each scene to make the message be given to the audience easily. One example is when its a horror and the director would cut the suspense by putting a scene less scary after it.

What is the Difference between Shakespeares day theatre from Now?

1.They didnt use females as actors, so males would have to play female roles 2. Audience mebers have become more repectfull

Would a modern audience and an audience in Shakespeare's time have reacted differently or the same in his play Romeo and Juliet?

The audiences would not react differently in any significant way. Romeo and Juliet are still the good guys. We feel sad, as Shakespeare's audience surely did, at their untimely deaths. The main difference likely is that Elizabethans were finely tuned to wordplay and would have caught the many dirty jokes much more quickly than modern audiences. Of course modern audiences have already read the play before they get into the theatre which helps remove this difference. And the reaction of the audience would be the same; the Elizabethans would be quicker is all.

Would you get wet at one of Shakespeares plays?

Yes, you would get soaked.

How does music make you feel watching a film?

music or a type of audio that adds to a scene can set a mood to the viewer and make them feel something you would like to portray! a sad scene, movies use types of music to a that scene so that the audience would feel sympathetic! ..the music behind a scene has a lot of power and impact in the movie.

How does the audience know when a play is moving on to a new scene?

In a French play, a new scene starts when someone enters or exits. In an English play, a scene ends when the stage is emptied and starts with someone entering an empty stage. In some modern plays, the scene starts with someone onstage already. The audience is apprised of the fact that it is a new scene because the stage lights come up. A century ago they would know because the main curtain would be drawn (few theatres apart from some amateur ones use traveller curtains nowadays).

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