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i don't really know but i think just plucking them out would do just fine

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Q: How would you separate chocolate chip cookies Which separation method would you useThis question is for chemistry btw?
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Is chocolate chip ice cream a heterogeneous or heterogeneous mixture?

The answer is ... yes. Chocolate chips + ice cream = a heterogeneous mixture. A heterogeneous mixture is : made of different substances that remain physically separate (General Chemistry Online). The chocolate chips and ice cream are together but physically separate.

Is separating funnel and titration same?

Separation funnel is used to separate a nonhomogeneous mixture of liquids.Titration is method of analytical chemistry.

Which method to separate oil and vinegar?

This is the separation with a separation funnel.

What is the noun form for separate?

Separation. "There is a separation between the houses."

Why is chocolate a mixture?

Chocolate is a mixture because you can separate the components. In a compound you can not separate the components because they are chimically bonded. In chocolate you can separate the ingredients because they are NOT chemicly combined; therefore, chocolate is a mixture.

Which root word means Separation?

Separate is the root word for separation.

What is the base word of separation?


What is the verb of separation?

The verb is "separate".

How can you separate iodine and napthelena in chemistry?

how can we separate iodine and napthelena

What is gene separation?

In genetic separation is where genes separate and DNA and mRNA are isolated from their cells.

How do you separate parts of chocolate milk?

Once it has been mixed, it is very difficult to separate the parts (chocolate, fats, color, milk, ect.) of chocolate milk.

What is gravity separation and how does it work?

Gravity separation is when gravity is used to separate an non pure substance.

What is scooping in separation methods of mixtures?

to scoop something to separate

What properties do you use to separate mixtures?

Some of the types of properties that can be used to separate mixtures are:FiltrationDistillationChromatographyMagnetismFloatationExtractionCrystallizationMechanical Separation

How is an emulsifier part of chemistry?

an emulsifier is used in chemistry when trying to separate a emulsion such as milk.

What does Electrostatic separation mean?

Electrostatic separation - is the use of static electricity to separate one substance from another.

Who purpose separation of powers?

to separate powers??? -curry~stene to separate powers??? -curry~stene

Separate water and chalk?

Separation by filtration is a method.

What is the root word of separation?

separate is the root word

How will you separate a mixture of mercury and benzene?

Separation by filtering.

How do you separate a mixture of acetone and water?

Separation by distillation.

Which separation technique can be used to separate a homogeneous solution?

whaty? niga?

How do you separate dry mixture?

Some methods are: sieving and electromagnetic separation.

Can you separate your clavicle from your sternum?

Yes it is a sternoclavicular separation

What is the method of separation used to separate mustard seeds from their pods?